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    Real Time Data Now / Nest Trader to Amibroker, Fcharts

    Even I'm getting the same error.... Any solution for this issue ? Line 17797 Error: Variable subscript badly formatted
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    Beware of Valvenet Technologies. They are totally unreliable

    Hello All, I've used Valvenet Best RT demo service.... I'd recommended everyone to try their demo service... I must say.... I'm happy that it was a demo service and I did not pay anything. (Forget their shortcomings..I'll say I've moved onnnnnn....) I'm in testing phase of my alog.... So I'm...
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    Trigger Count /down

    Hello Friends, Experts, I need some help with an AFL script... What I need is.. If my buy condition is triggered, start a countdown of say 20 seconds and if the condition is still true, BUY. Eg: Buy = EMA (C,1) > EMA (C,3) and this condition is true for more than 20 seconds; (I'm not using...