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    Need help in improving Non- rapainting AFL to scan stocks

    Hi, I’m working on a intraday stock scanner which is plotting the signal on previous bars in many cases(see the attached image for clarification). I would be grateful if anyone can help me modifying its behavior and plot the signal on current bar.
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    Amibroker Exploration Help

    Hi Sushil, thanks for your reply. Unfortunately what im trying ti to achieve is slightly different than what you mentioned. When you will use exploration function on the below code, its saying Error 29. Variable 'net'used without having been initialized. Cant figure out whats wrong here...
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    Amibroker Exploration Help

    Hi I'm trying to create an ami exporation AFl which will scan stock for "intraday fall from high" and "intraday recovery from low". The section is supposed to scan for % change and provide net % change value with color. Its showing no value instead. Would be grateful if I could find some help...
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    Require NCDEX Commodity wise data

    Hello Everyone, we are testing our spread strategies on various NCDEX scripts. Does anyone know where can I get commodity wise bhavcopy for Agri commodities. Thanks