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    Day Traders Lounge.

    TradingView charting is offered by many top discount brokers like zerodha and Upstox which I am aware of.
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    Day Trading Stocks & Futures

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    Systematic Equity Investment Portfolio Performance Tracking

    Many many happy returns of the day ncube ! May god bless you.
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    Automatic suspend trading activity for particular time period ready to pay Fees

    There are multiple Algo API bridge which gives this feature. Edit - I did not read that you already know this and just you do not want to change broker, my bad.
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    Their sales executive or whatever that person told me that we do not allow only trading account.It appears either Fyers have too many customers now or they do not understand Broking business run by traders not investors.
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    So one cannot open only trading account with Fyers? I have been told it’s mandatory to have demat with Fyers and demat is no more free.I was inclined to open new trading account for one of index F&O trading strategy but anyway will look for elsewhere.
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    Why day trading is over hyped?

    Brokers and smart money love to see retailers to do day trading as more brokerage and hidden charges for brokers and easy money for other. That is the reason day trading is promoted everywhere.
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    My Journey In Technical Analysis

    I am not able to fully understand why high volatility should affect ROI of intraday traders. Let me give a example. I trade 15 minutes TF and my position sizing is based on ATR of 15 minutes. Couple of months back ATR was around 25 points , and I could trade let us say 600 quantity for 15 L...
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    Best broker for huge trading account

    May be bank brokerages are best one from trust point of view like hdfc securities, icicidirect. At least it’s unlikely that they do get bankrupt but you never know with current banking scams. For retails traders, practically there is no choice other than to deal with dicount brokers to be...
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    I am experiencing same issue.... let us see
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    Zerodha RMS Failure

    I was not aware where to raise complaint and all. I was about to let this go, but many members encouraged to take up the fight.I did not know how cumbersome and time consuming is complaint process with SEBI. After raising complaint, SEBI forwarded it to NSE, NSE to regional office, regional...
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    Zerodha RMS Failure

    This thread has done the trick.The matter is mutually settled with Zerodha with entire refund.I request moderator to kindly close this thread.Thank you all for the support.
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    Zerodha RMS Failure

    I am planning to write article on ' how Brokers like Zerodha is a risk for financial markets' with the help of my writer friend. It will mainly focus on lack of Risk management system and how it can ruin investors and capital markets. I will highlight their irregular activities which violates...
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    Zerodha RMS Failure

    I have submitted all the documents to NSE. Let is see how it goes. Zerodha haven't charged anything related short margin penalty and call n trade charges as of now. The RMS guy was offering me 1 month brokerage peanuts as compensation . I tweeted to Nitin kamath too.
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    Zerodha RMS Failure

    My positions were NRML all the time. Thanks for the support TP I have raised complaint with sebi for unauthorized trades in client account and explained trade details and concern about no RMS system in Zerodha. On 5/10/2018, they allowed to carry forward position of 975 quantity with 250,000...