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    Fyers One not working from 20/04/200, customer support not responding

    I recommended FYERS to someone. And they are complaining the same that fyers customer service is pathetic and fully unresponsive. He claims that it has taken them two months to reply to email and the default response was to "close the issue as resolved" without even knowing what the complaint was.
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    ProStocks - Unlimited Trading Plan and Flat Fee Plan

    Sir, kindly answer all the questions that were asked
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    ProStocks - Unlimited Trading Plan and Flat Fee Plan

    1) GTT ordering is a very nice feature.... The youtube video shows validity only as Day or IOC. So. Kindly clarify. Please also share how the GTT orders will work... 2) Is "Link to Excel" available only for pushing data into excel or is it capable of receiving orders from Excel too? 3) Kindly...
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    General Trading Chat

    Do you want the vehicle manufacturing company or part manufacturing company.? My personal preference is for ASHOKLEY and ASAHIINDIA. Disclaimer: This is neither a recommendation to buy nor to sell. I do not represent either of this companies and I am not certified analyst. This is strictly...
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    How safe is Forex Trading?

    Quick read of this thread somehow feels like simplistic TV commercial promoting forex... Each actor announcing/spurting out his share of "THE product feature"
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    Regulation of Cryptocurrency

    Kindly please attach the exact judgment here .... I personally don't think that Indian governance would easily tolerate foreign operated currency.
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    General Trading Chat

    Be specific bhai... What is it showing? At what time? What should it have been? For how long did the problem persist? Any affect on your ability to place (or cancel (or modify)) orders?
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    Double or Sit like BEAR How to interpret this?
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    Will this stock turn back? Your take?

    Whats the point in listing it then? Gautambhai should simply get it delisted and save on listing fees
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    Need AFL for Plotting vertical lines on futures expiry dates in price chart

    revThr = ParamToggle("Reveal Expiry Thursday", "Weekly|Monthly", 1); dymo = IIf((Month() == 9) OR (Month() == 4) OR (Month() == 6) OR (Month() == 11), 30, IIf(Month() == 2, 28 + ((Year() % 4) == 0), 31)); thur1 = (DayOfWeek() == 4) AND (Day() != Ref(Day, -1); Plot((((revThr == 1) AND ((dymo -...
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    Ghaseeta trade: Why it took whole day for this trade to achieve its TG?

    Nice terminology. At one training institute, this kind of market was called "Accumulation" or "Distribution" phase. In such players big players are either buying from or selling to retail players and they want to transfer huge quantity at a preset price without premium or discount. Generally...
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    General Trading Chat

    Liquidity in entire REIT market? Was this reduction done because they were unable to sell at higher lot size? AFAIK, there are not much entities in this segment. Were you posting this to promote EMBASSY?
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    Wisdom Capital : Free Trade & Investment Zone.

    Hello wisdom capital I seek to know what sort of bracket order features do you provide. I am comparing your services against sharekhan. As of today, Sharekhan provides facility to place two types of bracket orders. Scenario One) If I do not already own the stock, I can place Entry...
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    We complained against a broker on nse website and escalated to arbitration but NSE rejected.

    She is more famous for exposing Harshad Mehta. Dunno her exact role in Ketan Parekh scam
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    Limit order with Bracket order

    Hello Pannet, NoviceStocktrader and others I did notice that this is quite old question but still answering it because it is one of the common problem for a newcomer. Each broker terminal is different in UI. Some provide additional drop-down but the actual mechanism at the exchange relies and...