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    how old you are and since when do you started trading ? like 1985..1990... 2000... ? there many seniors are in this forum.. . .
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    Do you have any good software recommendations

    RECOMMENDED SOFTWARE FOR WINDOWS: For Windows system performance: CCleaner for windows tuning for fast booting & optimize performance : toolwiz_care FireFox Web browser for windows x64: Firefox for windows desktop Opera Browser for windows x64: Opera browser x64 Opera Browser for windows x86...
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    BSE EOD Amibroker

    I HAVE UPDATED LINK FOR BSE EOD FROM 01-01-2020 TO till date & will update Daily (if possible) SIMPLY IMPORT THEM... Go through my signature.. link: BSE EOD DATA to Import (ONLY GROUP A & B WITH GROUP MENTIONED IN SECURITY NAME EG. IF NAME IS XYZ THEN EOD NAME IS XYZ_A OR XYZ B AS PER IT'S...
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    Is it possible to plot daily candle in intraday chart in amibroker

    If Any One Give Me The Code (Or Logic) for this (Plotting eod candle for the day In AB) i will be very thankful. please seniors help in coding/logic .. regards ~manoj
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    NSE EOD Tick data

    See signature ! Hope This Helps U ---
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    Dear Sir, anyone can help me with elliotwave histogram afl

    REPLACE FOR LOOP (Error Code) with this: //.. TimeFrameSet(tfrm); function vstop_func( trBull, trBear ){ trailArray[0] = C[0]; for( i = 1; i < BarCount; i++ ){ prev = trailArray[i - 1]; if( C[ i ] > prev AND C[i - 1] > prev ){ trailArray = Max( prev, C[ i...
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    Is it possible to plot daily candle in intraday chart in amibroker

    Dear Friends, and respected AMIBROKER experts, i want afl code to plot only one daily candle, on right side, formed by addition of intraday candles. in AMIBROKER in same intraday chart. like in figure attached.. if this can be done please share/pm - the afl code. thank you in advance...
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    Real Time Data Now / Nest Trader to Amibroker, Fcharts

    NSE has stopped providing Nest Plus ID and Passwords.
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    Real Time Data Now / Nest Trader to Amibroker, Fcharts

    =================================== In ami preferences change the following: try minimum cache size (max symbols=11) and max mb=64 check shift+break key every: 21 Endless loop detection threshold: 10000 Hope this will help you. regards
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    Bhavcopy to be decomissioned ??

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    Bhavcopy to be decomissioned ?? LINK IS WORKING THE NSE EOD BHAVCOPY CAN BE DOWNLOADED....
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    nest trader in 13.3"" laptops and 1920 x 1080 hd sceen issue

    This may be problem of display driver (Graphic driver) if your laptop have intel processor : try drivers from INTEL see if problem solves..
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    Is it advisable to sell at intraday high and buy at intraday low?

    No, You can't predict final high for intraday, the high-low levels break most of the time. the high @ say 11 am does not remain high @ say 11.30 am .-- it can break with new high.
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    need lintra intraday trading system afl code

    replace the error code as per attachment // this will remove error. ~manoj
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    need realtime datafeed from nest to mt4