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    are women better investors/traders?

    "In trading men / women doesn't matter. what matters who makes the highest profits!" :D ;) its the same one from the famous proverb: "In a war, it doesn't matters who is right or wrong, what matters who is left. "
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    Share your stratergeis here !!!

    i have a decent forex trading career but dont know whether i qualify as an expert to teach the newbies here anything. I am in the learning process too. ( because in the world of forex trading, learning never stops!! :cool: ) but the penulitmate forex trading strategy (rule no. 1) i use while...
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    Facebook IPO

    as per the current scenario, it seems the FB guy is loosing it to a great extent ! :( :p friends do you think the over-hyped stocks or IPOs are all-words-no-play types? does an organisation's years of presence has a greater impact on its sustainability in and the likely response it will...
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    xDirect India is Here

    @TraderDude: do you trade in forex?? guess not, because the way you are asking about the legalities here am getting scared of you :( ;) i feel like you are an interrogative cop! :cool::lol: and am sure you will scare the other forex traders out here :( :annoyed: FYI:: forex traders...
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    xDirect India is Here

    hey guys, i have used their platform and they are providing 50nifty on their mt4 along with commodities , indices, equities and currencies. i don't think there are any other indian instruments to offer. btw, did you visit their website for the offer part? it is pretty much stated there. it is...
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    xDirect India is Here

    Hi xDirect India! Glad to see you all are here too. :thumb: am sure we traders can use your expertise + knowledge that you have a strong backup of. its really good to have some professional help around. :D :D Hope to gain more knowledge and tips & training from you all on this forum as well...
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    Trade Psychology to trade money

    @mithoon. am currently trading with XDirect India. these guys are a STP platform. i found it to be very useful and quick. no re-quotes or delays so that was an added advantage/ u can check them out if u wish to. but friend, i personally request you to go find about brokers in the brokers section...
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    Trade Psychology to trade money

    very intelligent thread. good going!! quite useful @sweety410, the comments i read. maybe you can come up with another post on fundamental analysis it would be helpful. thanks!!!:thumb:
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    Forex Broker with Forex Trading

    hi shivam007 can you tell me more about xdirect india? are these guys having local presence? and do they have an ECN platform?
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    What do you say you do in your income tax return?

    Why bother so much rish? get a good CA, am sure he will have plenty of excuses to cover you up! ;)
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    Account with International Broker

    Hi Nick, I myself on a lookout for some good brokerage house in Mumbai.And my specifications involve a broker who has decent local presence. and a functional office as well. as for legal /illegal, its not as long as u trade on the local markets, futures in the international equities are...
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    Overcoming psychological Barriers

    interesting thread! i have been trading all this while with one ideology in mind: "make larger profits and smaller losses" and this phrase has helped me make some fine decisions which in turn led to decent amount of success in the trading arena! emotions are way over important than...
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    Facebook IPO

    I Know this comes quite late, but the debate will never cease to exist. As we all know the worth $500 Bn company, Facebook became public and hasn't seen a considerable rise after it went public . We know facebook is huge billions of users and millions adding to it almost every week, the face of...
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    Who offers free seminar/webinar?

    really? you have such a service available in India too? this sounds really good, because hardly any forex brokers in India, who offers quality education on Forex for free!
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    which is the ideal broker for forex in india

    hey shivam, the broker u talking about, xdirectindia, sounds quite neat! can you tell me more about them? about the spreads, the withdrawal period and so? thanks!