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    Reliance Demerger

    If You Buy 25 Shares YOU WILL GET 25 In Each Of The Four New Companies. The Value Of Reliance Is Expected To Fall About 20%. But You Will More Than Make Up When The New Companies Are Listed - Which Might Take Upto 2-3 Months.
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    Aces In The Deck

    Suspect That The Only Thing That Can Actively Predict The Stock Market Is Chaos Theory. There Are A Couple Of Trading Systems Based On This - One In South Africa,and One In The States Which Are Allegedly Giving 360 % Pa Results.... Quite Naturally They Are Not Giving Out Their...
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    Re: Hindlaco Record Date Was 28th Nov. For Rights Issue. Board Is Meeting On 20th Dec. For Bonus Issue.
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    Which online broker allows short selling?

    India bulls. Unfortunately only intraday, courtesy SEBI rules.
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    Amtek Auto

    Been Watching This Stock Since Rs.207. Finally Bought At 231. Now 251 Plus. One Of The Analysts Puts It At Going To 631! Any Views Will Be Appreciated.
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    New Intermed Uptrend!!

    Re: hindalco:sell now? Thanx guys.
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    New Intermed Uptrend!!

    hindalco:sell now? I bought hindalco nat 1257.(125.70 after split) now 145, Is it time to sell?
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    global tele

    I have purchased 1000 shares at Rs.128. Any indications of time period, price target.
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    global tele

    Anybody Have Any News On This Stock?
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    Tata Tele

    Been trading in the 29-31 range for quite sometime, and will continue to do so until there is some announcement, at which point should break out uptil at least Rs.48. Announcement could come soon, definitely by first week of oct. fingers crossed!