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    Debentures and Bonds

    Hello, I am an NRI. I have Debentures and Bonds for last 10 years which i bought outside india. This has been purchased on paper and is not in demat format. I want to convert this into DEMAT format and i have NRI status. can someone guide me now to convert into demat and dipose this...
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    Indiabulls brokerage query ? help needed

    Can you please guide me for F&O Charges with Indiabulls. They are charging me Rs 100 per trader on options.
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    Realtime Nifty Put Call Ratio calculator

    thank you very much for this spreadsheet
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    Help me with NIFTY Futures

    Hello, i have IndiaBulls broker account for trading. I wanna trade nifty today -- Please help me _- this is very urgent Add me to y*a*h*o*o* mesgnr = latinoholic
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    Broker with Charting (End of Day)

    Hello, I am technical trader, no news, no rumour, only Charts for trading and quickly growing my account in NSE stocks, now i want to take position for futures trading but i need some broker which gives me facility to see the charts. Can someone tell me which broker offers the following...
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    Need E-Gold , will pay via paypal

    Hello, I need 50$ E-Gold in my account. can someone tell me genuine broker / trader who can exchange my paypal to E-Gold Please post the link here or contact at [email protected] Thanks in advance,
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    Euro Weekly Good till 10th Feb

    Working on technical - i made this target probablity chart - Euro seems to move down at 1.2800 level or more downwards by end of this week.
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    Forex Options & Futures

    Hi Traders, Does someone know about the broker which gives Forex options/futures in the platform Can someone let me know if any good broker is available who can provide me American Options/Futures for Currency & Commodity?? Please post the link. Thanks in advance, Jerico
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    Charting Software-NSE/BSE

    Thanks Praveen.Good Luck & best wishes
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    Charting Software-NSE/BSE

    Hello, Can someone help me in providing link to Charting Software with daily update of NSE/BSE Stocks. I do my own technical analysis in forex. and would like to apply the same in Stock & Commodities also. thanks,