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    Tips on Money Management

    @ Brackwom I completely agree with you that the post is quite informative with some valuable information. Yes, there should be a focus for creating a practical monthly budget as well.
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    What is the punishment for forex trading in India?

    @ Hulu Girl Yes you are correct. Forex trading is legal in India so there is no chance of a punishment unless something illegal or misuse of dollars from RBI reserves is done. However, forex trading is subject to strict regulatory restrictions. The traders are allowed to trade only through...
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    After 5 years... Im back

    The market is an ever-changing place where changes take place every second so five years is a very long time. @ madhavareddy1203 There is nothing like the best broker offering more exposure to options. You can find several good brokers and hence it is recommended to compare a few to choose the...
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    Tom de mark sequential monitor for nifty50 stocks

    @ manoj2012 Let us wait to see if it crosses 16k. Let us hope for the best!
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    Retail investors perception on Agri commodity derivatives

    I agree with you @ malek zeini 11. Agricultural derivatives are less risky to invest as compared to investment in stock companies which makes these derivatives a preferred investment option for many.
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    Y do so many companies have the same ISIN code?

    I think there is something wrong with the data uploaded in the shared file. The codes should have been unique.
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    Hey, any new trader wanna be friends and learn together?

    @TonyTrades Hey! Welcome here to the community. We all are here to learn from each other. All my best wishes for your trading career!
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    BankNifty PUTs & CALLs

    I would also vote for ‘Yes’ that Nifty’s options are better as compared to BankNifty’s options.
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    Discount Brokers for Mutual Fund Pledging.

    You might get a lot of recommendations here but I would say go for the one which suits your requirements and look above Zerodha.
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    Need AFL for Plotting vertical lines on futures expiry dates in price chart

    Technical coding is pretty difficult for people who have no idea about the same. I would suggest you to go with an alternative to this. Else, you might get stuck.