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    Options Trading

    All options are Cash settled. So you can't exercise your option to get the shares. If you bought the Cairn 300 Call at Rs5 and the share settles at Rs310 on last day of the series, then you get Rs10 per share on the last day (Tax will be more as the price of 310 is taken while calculating. It is...
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    My EOD Stock trades......updated regularly Part 2

    Hi, can you let me know how you screen the stocks and on what basis you decide/update the SL? (krish1270 at yahoo dot com)
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    Intraday/Positional trades (Using 3-15 system on 15mins chart)

    No Update for today. Was range bound with no crossover in 15mins chart. There was a EMA touch, which could have been used for going long, and could have made 15-20 points. Did not take it for some reason and still holding on to the one lot I short on Friday (positional as in daily chart we...
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    Intraday/Positional trades (Using 3-15 system on 15mins chart)

    I am using the 1H/4H for positional trades. The 3EMA just touched/marginal crossover the 15EMA around the close in 1H and the 4H still shows 3EMA below 15EMA, so went short with one lot of NIFTY futures. Will have stoploss of 10 points. Feel since it is expiry, it could be volatile and there...
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    Intraday/Positional trades (Using 3-15 system on 15mins chart)

    Trades for 23-Nov-2012 : Zerodha Trades - Qty Buy Sell P/L 50 5634.00 5628.50 -275.00 50 5634.00 5628.50 -275.00 100 5608.50 5628.50 +2000.00 50 5640.00 5628.50 -575.00 50 5640.00 5628.50 -575.00 100 5640.00 5628.50 -1150.00 P/L : -850.00 Brokerage ...
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    Intraday/Positional trades (Using 3-15 system on 15mins chart)

    Intraday/Positional trades (Using 3-15 system on 15mins/1H chart) Tried following the 3-15 system on the daily chart and have been unsuccessful over the last couple of months. Its a great system in a trending market, but there were too many whipsaws in a flat market (the last two months). So I...
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    Options Settlement....Some concerns...

    10.15 is the last traded price of the option, don't think it is the closing price. Anyhoo, in options that are let to expire the P/L are calculated based on the spot index/stock price at expiry.
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    Options Settlement....Some concerns...

    If you bought on the same day, then broker might be telling that your net flow (inflow) for the day is 6825 (nothing gets debited, only a credit) and not Outgo of 17K and then inflow of 6.8K.
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    Options Settlement....Some concerns...

    When did you buy it? If you bought it on expiry day then the broker is right. Buy Price - 11.45 Sell Price - Since it expired at 11616 - 16 So obviously profit is Sell - Buy price = 16-11.45 = 4.55 If you bought it a few days before expiry then they would have charged you then for the buy and...
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    SH's 315 Strategy - how to use if effectively

    Hmmm.....15EMA is around 5300 and if mkt closes around 5250, will be down to only 5285-5290 I think. (BTW talking about EOD 15EMA)
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    Trade with options data Part 2

    You mean 5200.
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    The Nifty Trading Lounge

    Weird the way the mkt is resilient in-spite of general results and Europe mkts/US Futures. Guess liquidity can push the mkt where ever it wants. Only hope this doesn't result in a bigger fall (Bought some Puts though for holding over the next couple of weeks).
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    NIFTY 50 future TRENDS

    Got a query/contrarian view. Now that the gap is filled, suppose the mkt find's it difficult to cross 5350-5360 over the next couple of days, do we take 5350 as double top and a deep decline is going to start? Also going through the chart found a gap around 5340 in the month of April (though...
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    The Nifty Trading Lounge

    5th, Aug is Sunday. Expecting bad news on Sunday to start downtrend?