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    Zerodha - Number One Discount Broker in India

    Hello! If there is a Zerodha representative on this board. I would appreciate his/her help in the application process. Anybody else who could answer, please feel free to help me out as well: I have some questions regarding the forms that need to be submitted for opening a new trading/demat...
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    Brokerage House Suggestion

    Dear All, I am planning on opening a demat cum trading account,although it will be purely for investment purpose, not day-to-day trading. I am open to both full-service and if possible discount brokers. My requirements are Equities, Bonds, and various ETFs (e.g. Gold, Silver, etc.). Could...
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    Is there any charge ?

    Once you are beyond the exit-load period (normally 1 year), there are no further charges while redeeming units. However, in the case of equity funds, there is a Securities Transaction Tax that is deducted.
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    How to complain against ICICI PRUDENTIAL AMC ?

    I'm not sure if you have called them (you said email), but if you haven't, perhaps talking to them would make it clear whats the issue. Also in my experience, KYC registration does take time. When I modified my KYC to comply with the new norms in early February, my KYC was updated only in...
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    Meaning of Load

    SEBI banned Entry / Front-end Loads in 2009. So MF schemes do not charge those anymore. Exit / Back-end Loads range from 1 - 2% depending on the scheme. Check the scheme offer document (or KIM forms) for exit loads.
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    Termination of SIP and unit redemption

    Yes. Note however, if you plan to terminate an SIP before the scheduled period is over, you need to intimate the Fund House about this, or you will default, which is not a good thing on your record. If your SIP period is over, you can choose not to renew it. The units will still be yours...
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    short term MF

    Wise words indeed!! :cheers:
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    Mutual fund selection - please review my portfolio

    Growth makes sense in the long-run! Dividend modes are useful if you need regular income, which I presume is not the case with you. Let the money grow itself. This way, returns don't get taxed either. And yes, as cowmilk suggested, Direct Plans is what you should opt for in each case if you...
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    Mutual fund selection - please review my portfolio

    Seems about right as of now. I'm presuming the multiplication factors next to each SIP means you invest more than once in the same fund in a month, which effectively eliminates market timing risk further. So I wouldn't touch the allocations, although if possible, I would suggest increasing your...
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    Why gold etf/e gold? Why not physical gold?

    I'm not very familiar with commodity investing, but I believe one reason why the 1% per year expense for ETFs perhaps has to do with storage costs. If you purchase gold directly, the onus of protection, storage and purity check falls on you directly, but in the case of ETF, it falls on the fund...
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    Mutual Fund doubts

    Since the fund is an ELSS, after the mandatory 3-year lock-in period, the fund investment will become 'open-ended'. But in this case, you can only sell it at the market NAV then. You cannot repurchase the units and sell them normally (like an actual open-ended scheme). If you purchase the same...
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    ELSS and the DTC Impact

    SIP............or voluntary monthly / fortnightly / weekly investments (whichever you are comfortable with). The idea is that you enter the market not at one go but at different intervals of time. In this way, you reduce the impact of volatility on your investment. (Upside and Downside are both...
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    Need advice on Mutual funds selection

    I am invested in HDFC Top 200 for the past 20 months. Only difference is that I decided to go through the SIP route. I have earned close to 20% absolute returns on my investment so far which I believe are decent. Also since more than 2/3 of the capital gains are long term now, there is no tax...
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    Need advice on Mutual funds selection

    What made you come to that conclusion?
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    How to calculate return in ELSS

    30000 x (1 + 0.1067)^3 = 40664 This is assuming you have made one lump sum payment of Rs. 30,000 only.