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    Nifty chart since inception

    Friends, I need a resource which can give me the (line) chart of Nifty/Sensex since inception. Please share website where I can get this. Thanks Karuna
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    expense ratio

    Dear Friends, All mutual funds carry an expense ratio. This expense ratio is charge only once or every year? Karuna
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    Gold ETF compulsory delivery

    Comm4300, thanks for your reply. I have one more question. Is it the same even in Gold Mutual funds, meaning no such thing as delivery and all, right? Just pay money, then if gold price rises/fall, we make profit/loss, correct? Thanks
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    Gold ETF compulsory delivery

    Hello Friends, Does Gold ETF have things like compulsory delivery or any other such thing that would put one into trouble? Is it similar to investing in Nifty ETF or are there any differences between the two? Pls guide Thanks Karuna
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    investing during all-time highs

    Dear Friends, I have a lumpsum amount which I would like to invest, but since markets are extremely bullish, how to invest in such conditions? Pls share your experience or share some interesting articles which can help me on this front. Thanks Karuna
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    how to do Gold valuation?

    Hi DSM, how are you? Nice to see your reply, always full of great insights. Thanks for the reply :)
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    how to do Gold valuation?

    Hello Friends, As far as a company is concerned(example ICICI) we can easily do fundamental and analyse if scrip is at a value price or not, but how to analyse gold? How to determine its true value using ratios? Pls guide. thanks Karuna
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    meaning of Cash/Call

    Hi Friends, In almost all mutual fund schemes, a small percentage is allotted to 'cash/call'. What is the meaning of this 'cash/call'?
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    Value investing in Mutual Funds

    Hi Friends, As on today(16.3.15), almost all the MF schemes are trading at a premium due to the bull run seen because of Modi govt. In such a period, how can one do VALUE investing in Mutual funds? Would be really thankful if some light can be thrown on this. Thanks Karuna
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    how much to diversify?

    Hi Friends, I am considering to invest in a few companies. I am currently in the process of narrowing down stocks. I am doing a top-down analysis. I have a question with regard to sector diversification. My question is - how many sectors should I diversify myself in? Like should I restrict to...
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    ETF dividend related

    Hello Friends, Incase I buy NiftyBees and say AxisBank declares a dividend, do I receive this dividend? Is NiftyBees meant only for price appreciation or do we also get dividend benefit which is declared by scrips in nifty50 basket? Karuna
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    Indian MFs in foreign assets

    Hello, Like in ETFs, we can invest in HnagSeng index. Similarly, in MF are there any options to invest in foreign assets?
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    which MF scheme has my ditributor invested in?

    I am giving my investment discretion to someone else(MF advisor cum distributor) because I lack knowledge in MF. 18000+ schemes, which one should one invest in?
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    buying ETF through distributor/agent

    Thanks for your reply lazytrader. one more question - can i know the difference between direct plan and retail plan pls?
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    which MF scheme has my ditributor invested in?

    Incase I am giving money to MF distributor to invest my money, can I know which scheme he has invested in?