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    Looking to connect with AFL programmer (Mumbai/Ahmadabad)

    Hello, I have been getting queries on converting strategies in to AFL via my network and need someone who has expertise in this area. I am looking to get connected with AFL programmer or Meta Programmer to partner. Please PM me or connect me on interactshah at gmail dot com. Kanak
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    Place to find all the Research Reports on Daily Basis

    Found one blog on the name of Rakesh-Jhunjhunwala, where they post the reports. Please let me know if you happen to find any. I will also share the list which i will come across.
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    Place to find all the Research Reports on Daily Basis

    Hello, I am looking for a portal from where i can get all the Research Reports posted by the Brokerage Houses and by SEBI registered intermediaries. If anyone have knowledge about this please share. Regards, Kanak
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    Getting live intraday equity data using APIs

    You should try contacting with brokerage houses who provides API for algo-trading. You can get the data from there, provided you comply with the rules of using that data. Sharekhan, Zerodha can be of use.
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    Software programmer seeking help to learn Algo-Trading

    Hello Guys, I am hardcore programmer majorly worked in .net, c#, socket programming, cloud, MSSql and other core technologies. Having 20+ years experience in programming and developing software architecture, now i want to contribute to algo-trading with my development skills. Please...
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    Svlns offering 499/- unlimited trading or 1/- per lot

    Do you provide any API for customized software or trades. Regards, Kanak
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    SEBI Research Analysts Regulations 2014

    Please check the section 5 & 6 in following link.
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    query about sebi research analyst regulations 2014

    Hey Vijay, Thank you so much for quit a descriptive clarification. I just had gone through bits about the RA regulation. Please let me know any other bits and pieces related to RA Regulation. Best, Kanak
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    Sentiment Analysis Tool

    Hello, I am doing bit of research on sentiment analysis tool for indian stock market. The usability of the tool will be for the retail traders. Please let me know the tools you know. Best, Kanak
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    Gathering Technical Analysts

    Yes he seems to be running amazing thread... Thank you for pointing the thread.
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    Learning to catch High Probability Breakouts

    @amitrandive any way to contact you?
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    Gathering Technical Analysts

    Thats sort of True.. It sounds funny, but only new traders like me knows what it means to get along with them. :)
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    Next IPO of FlipKart

    Are you sure? Employees can sell their ESOPS? I know many employees who has got ESOPs. :thumb:
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    Gathering Technical Analysts

    Hello All, Can we do something here to gather all the technical analysts? Of-course you cannot share the calls here. But, you can upload the screenshot of the previous movement and do the case study on those charts. Show that to newbies like me and help us understand the real scenarios...
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    Trade Recomendations by experts.

    To addup to above discussion. There is one website where they verify the trading tips of the analyst by their online paper trading system and show the performance of the analysts, which helps the new traders like me to identify the good analyst. Seems like the solution to me...