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    BKB Diary

    Yes, go as per your plan. It’s good to update the intraday cash segment timely. It helps in improving your profits. Do share your experience after that.
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    Intraday trading vs long term investment

    The most profitable is your knowledge and analysis. If you know these two you can earn in any trading. Short term is a little more profitable though.
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    Books to read for basic finance & investment knowledge

    You will get a lot of names in this thread but I would advise you to watch youtube videos regarding investment. It’s much better and you get to learn it more easily and effectively.
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    Need suggestions for the best API in India to automate trading

    You can try zirra api or else can check out stock brokers api also. Many stock brokers provide their own api.
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    Straddle and iron butterfly option strategy ?

    They work well and fine when the market is sideways and more or less stable. Using a short straddle method for short selling in a less volatile market can be really helpful.
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    Intraday straddle selling ideas ?

    Interesting straddle strategy ideas to try on. Can’t say how well it works but finding it curious to try.
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    Is this really a worth while goal?

    Some of us want to lead a successful life and some of us want to be wealthy. People who jump to trading, mostly think of becoming wealthy in a short period. It is possible but it can go the opposite way too.
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    General Trading Chat

    All I hope is that the market stays a little less volatile in this pandemic to secure my holdings until closing positions.
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    Trade Smart Online

    New to this platform. Quite interesting to see the available stock trading features with this one.
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    How to Learn Discipline

    Discipline in trade is not an overnight process. Put your efforts in trading diligently, discipline will come automatically. To avoid overtrading, keep a budget for trading. Do not cross that budget until you close your open trades. Good luck.
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    Frustrated by the lack of online communities for Indian traders

    Happy to welcome you to traderji. It’s a perfect and genuine forum for traders to communicate with fellow traders. As for your trading, you can start from analysing the stocks and market movements. Try to predict the market movement and invest in the right stocks.
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    Beginner In Stock Market, Looking For Exclusive Knowledge

    As a beginner, you can refer to the internet where you can find several good websites explaining in detail the stock market. Moreover, YouTube is undoubtedly a great resource to educate yourself. You would easily find both basic and advanced videos on stock market trading. Personally, I would...
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    Which movie you watched recently?

    I recently watched Salman Khan’s “Radhe” which is fully action-packed, a usual thing with most of his movies. Overall, I did not like it.
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    best broker for intraday trading

    Well, get ready to be flooded with numerous broker recommendations. Different traders, different choices. Best way to find one is to research a lot and then try the ones that match your style. Nonetheless, here comes my recommendation- finvasia, because of its professional user-interface and...
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    What are basic things that everyone should know before going in Intraday trading??

    With intraday trading, You can keep a few things in mind like knowledge about the fundamentals of the market, sufficient capital and systematic strategy. A good knowledge of 1 or 2 technical indicators is a must.