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    how to trade forex using MT4 ?

    Hey you can start with basic tutorials on the Forex Trading. Check out the tutorials on Forex Time. The offer the same in various languages including Hindi. Cheers :thumb: Srinivas
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    App for forex trading

    Hi All, Please let me know if there are any good user friendly Mobile apps for Forex trading. I don't want the ones which unnecessarily push their content on the user. Someone recommended me Forex Time's app. Has any one used it so far? Please do share your recommendations. Cheers...
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    Which broker allow USD/INR MT4

    Hey. Check with Forex Time. They have plethora of currency pairs. And they are pretty fast.:thumb:
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    Forex Trading Legality in India

    I wish if things could become so clear in India. The laws and its implementation I wish could favor Forex coming to India.
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    Hi, There is an interesting piece in INR which i read from Forextime. Hope this would throw some light on your query.:thumb: Regards, Srinivas
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    Interesting Read - Chinese Economy

    Dear Friends, While researching on Chinese Economy, i came across to an article by Forex Time stating that Chinese economy still looks vulnerable and the GDP target of 7% doesn't seem to be possible now. :confused: Interesting read -...
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    Will Indian Rupee continue slipping against Dollar

    Dear Friends, I am trying to understand where the Indian Rupee is moving against the US$. Looks like it will continue to move downwards for some more time. At least, some reports are saying so. I came across these notes from Economic Times and Forex Time...
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    Interesting..Forex tips in Hindi

    Hi All, While searching for some online tips on Forex Trading, I found that these people provide tips in Hindi too. I found it pretty interesting. Language wont be a barrier now. :thumb: Regards, Srinivas
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    Any reports on recent FOMC statement

    Hi Guys, Wanted to understand about the recent statement of FOMC. I could find only one by Forex Time today stating that FOMC's statement showed the Federal Reserve is worried about the recent slowdown in the US economy with inflation remaining a concern, which is still well below its current...
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    Interesting note I came across on US$

    Hi Guys, Received an interesting note on US$ and US economy from Indianotes recently. Thought of sharing with you. Headline - USD caution on the currency markets Author - Jameel Ahmad, Forex Time Link -
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    General Trading Chat

    Finally some interesting and encouraging news on Indian economy. Nice read :thumb:
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    When will INR be strong against US$

    Yesterday, Rupee opened at 62.16 per dollar and touched a high and a low of 62.16 and 62.29, respectively. Finally INR closed at 62.25 per dollar, [B]unchanged from its previous close 62.25. Moody’s also revised the outlook to positive from stable citing improving economic prospects. But when...
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    which Broker to join? complaints seen for all broker.

    Agree with Shailu.. Recently, market regulator took action against some big names of the market. So as a small investor, we don't understand whom to trust
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    Looking forward

    Hi All, I am Srinivas from Hyderabad. I have just become member of this community. Looking forward to interesting discussions and knowledge sharing. Best Rehards, Srinivas