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    fastest equity growth in a day, rather in 2 hours

    knrcon 15 minute Stock Breakouts, Technical Analysis Scanner Sr. Stock Name Symbol Links % Chg Price Volume 11 Knr Constructions Limited KNRCON P&F | F.A 16.11% 470 1,846,910 6 Strides Shasun Limited STAR P&F | F.A 10.11% 880.4 556,867 1...
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    forget everything, i signed up with zerodha and god i am loving it, 30% weekly is not a bad return in eurusd , must say :) and also paying my taxes regularly :)
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    they are auto caculated by zigzag indicator as move in pips
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    i do nor trade for ex but yes i trade forex for myself :)
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    can i see a eurusd chart on your platform please if i like the basic functionality of MA on chart, i will join right away, because i am seriously looking for a broker
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    then suggest sebi regulated broker with mt4 OR with script writing tools so i can code my own custom indicator to guide me in my trade planning
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    i am looking for a reliable fx broker with local funding it should be regulated on a continent only. contact me if you know any o i can start immediately
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    just a full time trader :)

    just a full time trader :)
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    Indian Stock Market Headed For A Crash!!

    research each company you wish to trade thoroughly fist, know what it does and what it can do, after all you are buying a share in that company, first find out reason why you should buy it, and find the reason yourself not from others
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    Indian Stock Market Headed For A Crash!!

    whichever tide the market goes our job is to make money :)
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    Kind Request to members [ MT4 ]

    if i am able to get nse tick data in MT4 then i can very accurately predict what that stock will do in the coming 1 hours to monthly scenario and i am sure most of the experienced traders here will agree with my forecast with charts
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    investment guidance needed

    i wish to start investing in mutual funds with a corpus of 30cr , my objective is long term SWP pension format after 5 years please suggest good funds that deliver a minimum of 15% returns per year in equity so that i can plan an SWP of say 8% per year after 5 years funds of either hdfc bank...
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    Be careful of FX brokers with office in India

    there are 100 ways to earn money in fx from India without breaking any RBI rules , infact even without investing a single rupee\