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    Which is the Safest Trading Website in India?

    There are many good and reliable brokers in the indian market you can check out zerodha, finvasia, fyers etc. Zerodha- user friendly broker, Finvasia if you want low cost trading and Fyers is good for charting. I am trading with finvasia out of these, all good. You can do your own research...
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    Quit job for full time trading

    That's a good approach
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    Ego, emotion and trading.

    You can either involve ego and blow your account or trade skillfully.
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    How to select an online broker for me?

    No there is no downside to discount brokers. You can fully trust them and in fact you can choose them over full service brokers because of the cost advantage and if you don’t need tips & recommendations. In discount brokers, zerodha and second finvasia I can tell you to try out. Both will be...
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    I have completed my POA, now my shares are visible in my trading account but I am not getting any margin against my holdings, why?
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    Where do ya go on trips?

    Kerela in the beginning of this year
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    Inspirational quotes

    Instead of letting your hardships and failures discourage or exhaust you. Let them inspire you.
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    suggest mutual funds

    Any other fund you’d like to suggest?
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    Do you think indian stock markets are volatile because of market manipulations?

    Yes capital outflows are one of the major reasons.
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    Thematic Investing or Mutual Fund?

    You can earn much higher returns than mutual funds through thematic investing.
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    How to find good stocks ?

    Do home work before buying shares. Look for trends in a company’s earning growth. Relative strength in industry Check the Debt-equity and price earning ratio Dividends
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    why trdrs losing if

    Human nature drives everything we do in our lives. Some people have more patience in trading than others, some are more risk averse than others.
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    Newbie trader

    Benefit is that you can take advantage of a growing economy. Disadvantage is not being able to control emotions.
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    where to learn??

    It is better to look for information online. But if you still don't get an idea you can go to the service distributor you know to know about mutual funds or investments. He/she will guide you the best.
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    When Start Where Now

    I agree. It is better to use money efficiently rather than getting losses in trading.