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    Liquid Bees

    Hi, Does anyone have clarity on the pros & cons of liquid bees? I have heard that if you invest small amounts, you can't liquidate fractional units and thus it is of no use for small traders. Can anybody who is experienced throw some light on this?
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    If you developed a highly efficient system, would you share it?

    Interesting and a thought provoking question. Wud i? probably not. everybody wants to make money for themselves first. if my method is successful and i have already made a decent amount of money, i wud most certainly share.
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    How do i find if the broker has many complaints?

    Where do I find the link that shows how many complaints a broker has against its name? My friend told me that I can find on the NSE website but I can't. Anybody plz share. Would be highly appreciatd
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    Are BO orders available on FNO contracts?

    Hello everyone! I would like to know if bracket orders are available for futures and options contracts for intraday trades or is restricted only to equity intraday? If any of are currently availing this feature kindly enlighten me as my broker says that it is not possible.
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    A plunge in Indian Stock market

    Could you elaborate? It has been more than a couple of months since you posted this comment here
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    Good news for Internet users

    You people might want to check out ACT Fibernet.
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    Merry Christmas!

    Wish one and all from traderji a very merry Christmas. May these holidays be a well earned break after a hard year in the market as well as a whiff of fresh air before the new year is upon us.
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    Bouning Back - How to revive a worn out spirit

    Thank you, NJ. I've been trying to figure out a method to fixate on whether to go long or short. Till now I've been relying upon what my perception about the market is. It's more a brand based understanding rather than relyijg on a system. But will try and work on what you've said. I will look...
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    Crude crash and stock markets

    Well, there is no denying what you just said. I'm not generalizing the situation but every time the markets have tanked, all the newspaper articles will point towards the fact that crude prices have fallen. You are right that the macro fundamentals still seem favorable towards the nifty. But...
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    S o s

    I don't think there is much you can do in this situation. You got into a bad trade. I know how it feels. As manishchan said, let it go. By the way, how did you buy 810ce for sbi?
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    Crude crash and stock markets

    I'm having a hard time trying to figure out the reason behind correlation between crude prices and the equities market. The crude prices have fallen because of fundamental reasons such as excess supply. So why exactly is the stock markets around the world wobbling because of it? After a lot of...
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    NF - Learning Swing Trading

    Nice! I missed the Crack of bank nifty. But I think there will be a rebound next week.
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    Intraday Trading

    Short biased this week. The global cues aren't very encouraging
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    Riding The Wave

    Well, I'm not bullish not bullish on bank nifty this week. I feel like there will be rebound next week. It may consolidate for a few days