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    Exposure Confusion

    But in mcx we trade on future contracts, so we have to buy complete lot, example mcx crude has 100 lot size, so per point rs.100 , but if crude price is 3000, then calculation is 3000X100=3,00,000 , but why it is said that mcx crude has 30,000 price? If it's 3lac then how can I trade it with...
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    Exposure Confusion

    Understood bro
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    Exposure Confusion

    do I have to buy whole lot of share in intraday cash ? Plz give an example with SBIN (3000 lot size) cmp 230 (suppose) with 20 times exposure, so what will be my posted trade value with 1 lot?
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    Exposure Confusion

    My broker allows 20 times exposure in intraday for commodity, for example 1 lot crude oil you need to have only rs.1500 as margin money to trade as crude oil price was 3000+ (30000) at that time, in gold only 7500 (150000) and etc etc. Now I am entering in stock market, they will provide me 20...
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    Metatrader 4 Custom indicator

    Hi, I have been using metatrader 4 for demo trading for past couple of months, there are some NSE stocks that we can practice with like INFOSYS, RELIANCE IND etc. I have downloaded some custom indicators for mt4 which works 70-80% most of time during my demo trading, now if any one using mt4 for...
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    Hi, I am new here, learning technical indicator for couple of weeks but I can't figure out which technical indicators are these in crude oil intraday chart, here take a look, here is the website link here is the actual image of that site ......specially the indicator which is beneath the...
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    Newbie here, want to trade on mcx with good software.....

    Hi guys,I am from Kolkata,have been watching commodity market for a while,learning from youtube ,traderji about patterns,charts etc. I didn't have any online trading a/c or demat a/c as I have never traded, Though one of my neighbor trades on intraday basis & several times I visit his house...