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    Need to display text over every candle

    Hi all, I have a number generated for each candle. How do I display this number over a candle using AFL? I already have the chart generated using PlotOHLC. Now just need a method to display those numbers.
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    How does Dual Listing of companies work ?

    Got it. Thanks for that bhiskek :thumb:
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    How does Dual Listing of companies work ?

    Thanks for the bhishek. I was just checking out and Both the websites show only one marketcap for companies listed under BSE and NSE. Is this the average of both the marketcaps ?
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    How does Dual Listing of companies work ?

    Hi, Many companies like HDFC Bank are listed on the NSE and BSE. I have two doubts pertaining to this: 1. Are the same shares traded on both exchanges or the companies have to allot a particular number of the shares in the company to the respective exchanges. 2. If the share listed on...
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    BSE and NSE Stock Grouping

    Hi, I would like to know what the BSE and NSE groupings mean. I found out the meaning for most of the groupings for BSE except for M, MT, P and R. Please explain how these groups are classified. I know the Equities in NSE are listed under EQ. There are so many other groups like BL, BT, BZ...