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    Free live stock watch from nse

    Dear All NSE has recently launched one good live stock watch, which also gives daily line chart as well as 365 days chart, 52D Hi&Low, etc. all in one page. Please check the following link - For NIftymidcap stocks. THanks...
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    NSEIndia Data Downloader

    Dear Preston Myers Your software is very good one. Excellent approach. Still I have downloaded NSE EOD Stock file and it give good result. Congratulation to you for such excellent & unique utility. Hasobha
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    Gannalyst Pro5 is now free

    Dear All Gannalyst Pro Version 5 Now is totally free. Please see attachment and look to link. Link : Thanking You, HasoBha
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    looking stock portfolio online free

    Dear nick721156 Yes, you have to download small software called klipfolio from its site and than add stock tracker plugin given on klipfolio website. Than you have to add stock symbol as per yahoo website and you will get the result. regards Hasobha
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    looking stock portfolio online free

    Dear All Today I come across one free utility, from which we can look into our specified stock with graph. It is having yahoo backfill and may be data delayed. but worth to look in. Utility is "stock tracker of klipfolio" here is the link : klipfolio having...
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    Free Stock Software

    Dear All I have attached Screenshot of Software. One new feature I discovered in this software is export EOD data in Metastock Format. Regards Hasobha
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    Free Stock Software

    Dear All Today one of my friend Mayoor Vaghela send me one of the best free software available for indian stock market. It gives following advantage ; 1. Technical Analysis 2. Fundamental Analysis 3. Portfolia Manager We dont have to go for any data they provide data free. Here is...
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    Free NSE EOD & historical data downloader..attached

    Dear totalbankrupt, You are absolutely right. I have wait longer and I get the same file which you have attached. This is just incredible. Lots of congratulation. But can you convert indices name same as NSE Site ? NSENIFTY--to --S&P CNX Nifty NSEIT--to --CNX IT NIFTYJUNIOR--to---CNX...
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    Free NSE EOD & historical data downloader..attached

    Hi I have downloaded again yesterday data by software but I could not find Indices data. I have attached downloaded file for your reference. This problem is arised due to Bhavcopy on NSE site doesn't contain Indices data. As I mentioned earlier only PR.ZIP contain Indices data not the...
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    Free NSE EOD & historical data downloader..attached

    Dear totalbankrupt I have downloaded your utility today and downloaded bhavcopy from NSE in text format. Really very great utility. But in bhavcopy NSE indices are not included in download file. Actually NSE indices of all NSE index+NSE F&O are available in PR.ZIP file which can be...
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    Cairn IPO opens on Dec 11; co to be among top 25

    Is it worth to apply into Cairn IPO ? What will be the gain on listing ? How much to apply for guaranteed allotment ? Hasobha
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    Metastock Data updation from csv files

    Dear All Dataupdation in metastock format is very difficult task. Today I come across one utility which can directly update metastock data from csv file format, means NSE & BSE bhavcopy. Here is the site Site claim that The MetaStockCSV Plug-in...
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    Amibroker Database for NSE stocks

    Dear karthikmarar This is excellent work. Its make difference to the chart looking. Thanks a lot. Congratulation you have done miracle. Hasobha
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    Bhavcopy of NSE & BSE

    Dear Satya, I have tried your utility DE2.0 it is realy good, but it also download only bhavcopy of NSE not PR.ZIP. For Indices one has to create another file and then he can update its database. But If exchange itself provide indices data than it is very easy to update only one file. It is...
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    Bhavcopy of NSE & BSE

    Dear All, NSE & BSE both are offering bhavcopy free of cost, one can download it from website. But in both bhavcopy they are not including indices data. So updating indices data is very troublesome and time consuming. Today I have emailed to both exchange and requested them to include...