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    Can we rely only on Pivot point trading strategy?

    if you are using this strategy well good but finding pivot points is not easy as you should come to know when the bears or bulls get exhausted and changes take place like double bottom or a evening star and pivot calculations are like retracements in a single candle
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    How to identify stocks for trading intraday ?

    these are after hour jobs to search for stock, basically in intraday setup need to know about how many volumes are traded in a day (more than 10 lakh shares) is the best to check the price movements and also the entry and exit poll
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    Hello everybody

    hi geetha ravi
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    Time from for Intra Day trading

    use a time frame of 2min, 5min, (10min or 30min) for dual monitor setup and 5min, 15min for single monitor setup
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    Time from for Intra Day trading

    for intraday use 3 time frame 2min, 5min (10min or 30min) if you have dual monitor setup if you have a single monitor use 3min, 15min
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    Hi all there my name is Harish

    Being in a market for year made me learn about some circumstance to make your money more safer do not be more greedier lost a lot gained a lot learnt to be very disciplined in the market means take profit which is suitable to you never wait for more strived to learn the market of how it moves...