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    What is the Bhavcopy report of NSE?

    Bhavcopy is the file which contains all the information about various scrips being traded on an exchange. There are different bhavcopy for different types of exchange and market. The bhavcopy shows the Open, High, Low and Close of the day as well as the total volume traded in a day. You can...
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    My Trading Ideas 2018

    I am on the forum to Learn and share the Idea.
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    Penalties be NSE

    Where can I find the penalties levied by the NSE?
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    Can one have more than one Demat Account on one PAN card?

    You can have multiple Demat accounts. Demat account is just like a bank account. In Bank, you save money and demat you store the shares. So you can own more than two demat accounts and it is legal and you will not face any issue. But only the disadvantage of having multiple demat accounts is...
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    Hey! that's really great. Even I am new to the forum but not to the stock market.:):)