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    Stock recommendations (equity)

    Hi, This is my first post Orchid Chem Buy @104.50 Target 120.00 Stoploss 94.50 Position approx one month. HFCL Buy @ 10.50 Target 13.00 Stoploss 9.80 Position approx one month. Thanks
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    Explorer Fibonacci retracements

    Help me to search Fibonacci retracements 61% and 38% in MS explorer
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    rnrl call option 47.5 strike price

    Hi, Thanks to knowledg me about ACC and option tading in High Vol gv
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    rnrl call option 47.5 strike price

    hi, i have bought ACC call strike price 1200/- @premium 12/-Rs and it is to expire this week 27 sep 07 so please advise me, what to do to minimise loss? i have to sqr off option or wait till exiprey. gv
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    Hi jaspal wait for Rolta it come down to 108-105 level, watch and trade -gv
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    Essar Oil

    Hi kumaresan1 Essar oil @35.25 wait for short, exit near by 37-38. -gv
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    Tele Data Informatics

    Hi gopii Tele Data Informatics hold for short on some high exit as it some opraters in thnks -gv
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    Please tell me what to do wiith these shares

    Hi Vipul Kaushik NRC @ 52/- hold for target 54-55 [email protected]/ hold for target 85-90 [email protected]/-; Hold Guficbio @27/- hold for target 30-33 g-v
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    Suggestion needed for these shares

    Hi 1. Encore Soft (49.61) wait could go to above 52.00 exit 52.00 2. Usha Martin (87.38) wait exit @ 89.00 3. Vishal Exports (31.71) Hold for short 4. Rama Newsprint (14.53) Hold for short 5. Eicher (156) wait 6. HPCL (348) Hold for short
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    PRISM CEMENT - Low Price Stock Pick

    Hi, Prisam Cement is good but buy near 19.00 and maitain SL 18.00 short ter targate is 24.00 exit near by this level QUOTE=Traderji]PRISM CEMENT - Low Price Stock Pick Anybody tracking Prism Cement? Well, this stock looks to begin a new uptrend and test its previous top of 28.00...
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    Importing Data into Spacejock Fcharts.

    hi it is very easy to import yahoo data in Wall Street Analyser i am using this software since week 1 add ticker e.g. forr ACC is ACC.NS then select yahoo world and look up for symbol -- gv
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    Importing Data into Spacejock Fcharts.