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    Here are the basic questions you need to ask yourself before opening a trade.

    A trading checklist is very important. I find it always better to second guess my setups before opening a position so that I really know what I am doing and that it's not a half-analyzed trade. Here are some questions you need to answer before opening a trade. (BTW, any more questions and...
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    General Trading Chat

    Hi, just a quick question. Crude oil cover order margin with zerodha is close to 1 lakh for a single contract. I wanted to switch brokers now. Can you recommend a broker with highest crude oil cover order margins? Ideally I want a broker that allows me to trade 1 crude oil cover order under...
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    Need highest margin broker for crude oil trading

    I don't have a lot of money to trade so I'm looking for a broker with 1 crude oil lot cover order under 10,000 rs. Please don't recommend broker like asthatrade because their platform is garbage .
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    What kind of strategies do big trading firms trade on?

    Just curious . Hopefully hear from people who have worked at such firms.
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    What are some good prop trading forms in 2019?

    I have seen similar question posted years ago and some of the firms have stopped trading by now. So am just looking for prop firms in 2019. Thanks in advance
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    Vikrant's Trading Diary!

    hmmm. Nice. Your strategy works but be careful with money management man
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    My ideas and trading diary

    KISS - keep it simple stupid, is a bad advice given to traders in terms of developing a methodology to trade. There are two parts of methodology - 1)Analysis 2) Strategy. Analysis is the part where you spend most of your mental energy and strategy is where you develop a plan to execute...
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    Trial Trading diary : Scalping

    Will not work in my opinion but Good luck.
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    My ideas and trading diary

    Multi time frame analysis ie, looking at anything more than a 30 min chart is something I feel useless based on experience . I trade on 5 min time frame and exit quickly most of the time so looking at anything more than 30 min chart creates a mental bias in my mind. My stop losses are really...
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    Trial Trading diary : Scalping

    Scalping looks super fine. I'm more concerned about the 500-750 loss when SL is triggered. What if next 7 trades end up in loss? Have you thought about it before already and have a strategy to deal with it? If so, what is it?
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    My ideas and trading diary

    Lesson - if you're feeling bad or sad or whatever regarding not just trading(anything ) Don't do nothing at night. Either drink your heart out and sleep or whatever you prefer to do to take your head out of the task. Reason? Analyzing things at night is as bad as revenge trading. Instead of...
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    My ideas and trading diary

    Indeed. You are right haruns I hit my loss limit for the week after which I know I'm 100% sure that every loss I take will be emotional and personalized. I will only trade 1-2 crude and zinc minis only for the rest of the week. There are multiple loopholes in my trading strategy which I...
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    My ideas and trading diary

    Hit my SL I'm out
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    My ideas and trading diary

    Trade 6 (or 7?) - Long zinc 196.1 SL - 195.4 est. profit 196.7 ( range)
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    My ideas and trading diary

    I will say it 1000 times if not 10, 000 times . Trading is never about finding best strategies or focusing on money. It's always about understanding losses