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    Want Historical NSE and MCX 1 minutes data

    I have installed Amibroker and I want NSE furure and MCX Historical data for last 1-3 year of 1 minutes chart. Please help.:)
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    MCX CrudeOil Fundamental News Discussion.

    I am very happy to see that people are taking interest and about the topic and some them left their valued opinion, I really thankful to them. But again i want some basic fundamental knowledge to share here from experienced people so that new and small trader can get benefit of that,as i...
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    MCX CrudeOil Fundamental News Discussion.

    Hello Trader, I am starting the Thread to understanding fundamental news effect on MCX crude price. The benefit of the thread is going to a small and new trader,so that they can make safe or positional trade. Like every Wednesday 8pm inventory makes effect on crude prices,number of news...
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    plse any one has this sucessful trading system share with me...

    Hello ! Can you sahre with me the best afl you have. I am trading in Crude oil and Nifty future. I have Amibroker.
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    Aybody Have this afl Elliot wave AFL

    It has some technical problem in coding, i am not able to start the AFL. I tried by deleting space in between but than also not work. Please update with with repairing. If possible please attech .afl file.