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    Asset Allocation during de-accumulation phase

    Suppose I need X amount to survive every year starting from next year onwards for the next 40 years. My corpus is say 40X. My question is how I can invest 40X in a basket of mutual funds to generate X+deltaX return (redemption) in an inflation-adjusted manner. I want deltaX to be higher than...
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    Basic books to understand DTAA, Personal Taxation

    I am a non-tax, non-CA person. I just want to know more about personal taxation, axing taxes through HUF and Trusts, and DTAA etc. Can you recommend a basic book that has lots of examples?
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    Need advice

    My portfolio stands today as above. I want to generate income from this portfolio. In this effort, I want to do a monthly SWP of 0.4 % for the next 40 years. This would require. Should I continue with this portfolio and do SWP? If not, what kind of portfolio now onwards I should have.
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    Want to consolidate Mutual fund portfolio

    Money control sucks. Valueresearchonline is much better.
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    What's the difference between these two funds?

    What is the difference between these two funds? ICICI Prudential Balanced Fund - Direct Plan ICICI Prudential Balanced Advantage Fund - Direct Plan
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    Franklin India Dynamic PE Ratio FoF Direct-G

    What kind of investers should invest in this fund? What are the specific objective this fund can meet?
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    Your comment on this portfolio

    Franklin India Prima Plus Direct-G 45% HDFC Equity Direct-G 20% Quantum Long Term Equity-G 16% HDFC Balanced Direct-G 19% I am targeting 20% return per annum and I want to remain invested for next 10 years. Is this the right portfolio?
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    DSP BlackRock Dynamic Asset Allocation Fund

    How is this model for asset allocation? Should one go for this fund?
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    DSP BlackRock Equity Fund

    Should one hold this fund or divest?
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    Why not balanced funds?

    Thanx. Is there anything similar to this in the Indian fund market?
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    Why not balanced funds?

    You got me wrong. I didn't mean you are trying to sell me anything. I read it but I am not sure how I can follow that strategy without directly jumping into equity or going in for portfolio management service. I am not sure how I do it through mutual fund. I am willing to follow any strategy...
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    Why not balanced funds?

    Had a look at the site. You offer wide range of services but I am only interested in MF.
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    Why not balanced funds?

    Why not just two funds? 40% Quantum Equity FoF 60% Quantum Multi Asset Let fund manager balance/rebalance the portfolio. Alternatively FT India Dynamic PE Ratio. Here too fund manager the job. FoF may be a bit more expensive but tax wise it (rebalancing) would be more efficient.
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    Why not balanced funds?

    I have been saving since 2001 and yes I do have pension but if I didn't work for next 15 years and retire 10 years before the due date pension would be reduced on the pro-rata basis.