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    Algo Trading Hurdles !

    Good day to all, Generally speaking, what are the most common hurdles seen in Indian industry in trading algo trading, I am aware many brokers are offering restful API for their trading connectivity which is up to end users to wire them with their choice of trading system for their...
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    GoCharting - The first and only Indian Advanced Charting and Orderflow Platform on the "Web"

    Hi, This is good add on product for any broker ecosystem and typical what are your charges for any sell side integeration of your solution with brokerages.
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    If we want to learn the art of misrepresentation, we can put finvisa as head of it :) I was just casually checking their web support chat today, it seems they don't have most of products listed on their site and when queried about it "Jasmine" the support person told they me that they are...
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    Any one here having live account with BMFN - Boston Merchant Financials and are they reliable broker to work with good sized accounts? from India.
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    Broker with Trading API for for Hedge fund

    if you are really looking for robust solution here, then any retail buy APIs have one or other sets of limitations wrapped around, then only serious choice will be become a TM yourself and opt for FIX API based trading with colocated servers if you are looking for sub millisecond latency...
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    Starting own forex brokerage

    A good news is coming soon :)
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    Starting own forex brokerage

    only easiest option is become NRI :)
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    Starting own forex brokerage

    Your outlook about CFDs are traditional, not 100% correct as far as in ECN models of prime brokerages were banks or a institutional liquidity meets or takes the counter party risk with deep pockets :) P.S : operating a brokerage in international jurisdictions wont counts under Indian laws and...
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    Starting own forex brokerage

    So now were come those illegalities ? :)
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    Starting own forex brokerage

    CFDs are not illegal world wide, there are many jurisdictions were it is perfectly legal. So we focus and sign up clients world wide were it is legal and a permissible activity and we incorporate the business prefectly were is allowed or regulated, and focus on world wide clients not India or...
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    Starting own forex brokerage

    The basic operation will be an international forex brokerage as service for OTC, CFDs and binary options products, with focus towards pure STP and ECN model but market making and hybrid book is doable subject to some measurable risk elements.
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    Starting own forex brokerage

    Hello Every one, If you are a potential investor to start own forex brokerage operations and have $ 500k investment size, i have a team to manage full operation with 10+ years of experience in managing entire setup professionally.
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    Forex Brokers (OTC Forex, Don't MIX up with Exchange traded INR based forex here

    Liquidity, timing are the complications
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    Trading Platform..

    A full custom trading platform with multi asset capabilities is doable, if any one interested and can allocated budget of 2 million $, will be delivered with full source code access.