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    iPad Stock/Portfolio monitoring software

    Check out SmartDerivs on the iOS AppStore. It is a free iPad application that will be useful for both traders and investors. Supports following functions: - Portfolio management mode, with real time PNL, including Today's PNL being shown. - Supports both Equities and Equity Derivatives. Full...
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    Stocks and F&O Data on Excel?

    Is this available for Futures and options also? Could you please mention the source of data and how much it costs?
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    Stocks and F&O Data on Excel?

    I have seen some tools that feed data from Yahoo and Google to Excel. Or tools that have scraped data from NSE/BSE website or other sites. But pretty much all these tools give data for Equities only. None have Futures and Options data. For F&O, pretty much the only options are expensive...
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    Poll on trading style

    Being a Saturday, I thought I would post something totally different. Hopefully this is the sort of question that forces you to think a lot about how you trade and why you trade that way - and hopefully, this introspection will help you (and others, if you post about it). I will try to...
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    Banks knee jerk reaction to SB rate deregulation

    In a couple of days, analysts will come out with their detailed analysis of today's RBI announcement, and then, the reaction will be that SB rate deregulation is not as bad a factor as it is made out to be. - Firstly, out of the CASA ratio, on average, Current Accounts account for over 40% of...
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    Cable TV Ordinance

    CNBC is just reporting the new ordinance passed by CCEA mandating Digitization across India. However, they are positioning Hathway and WWIL as key beneficiaries of this.... My point is, the Cable Operators will be losers - because they will now have to stop under-reporting - and will have...
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    Watch out for BHEL

    Oops - totally wrong there... hopefully tomorrow will play out better!
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    Watch out for BHEL

    As govt signals pause on all divestment, BHEL is going to zoom to 1700 by today's close.... lots of shorts built up in BHEL on the back of expected FPO. This is similar to the rally ONGC had 2-3 weeks back when the FPO was put off. Hop on!
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    You can Trade International Futures from India..Legally...Read How

    Here is what I know about this subject. - Indian resident can maintain foreign currency bank accounts and can legally transfer up to USD 25,000 every year per adult. - There are 2-3 options to trade US stocks in India itself. ICICIDirect and Interactive Brokers for instance. But using an...
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    Cairn should not agree to Govt conditions

    You joined the forum just now, and this is your first message - don't tell me you joined just to say "yea right"! In any case, thank you for the response!
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    Cairn should not agree to Govt conditions

    It is sad that the interests of the minority shareholders are being screwed so badly in India. This first happened in the Hero Honda deal - where the Munjals got a massive discount on the shares from Honda, in lieu of a hike in royalty payments. So the minority shareholders bore the burden...
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    India Cements - why is it so low!!!?

    Last year, Pune and Kochi IPL teams were auctioned - and they were sold for about $370M. These are new teams, not based in Metro cities, not having large home stadiums, no track record of performance, etc. If these two teams are worth $370M, how much would a team like CSK be worth? It is...
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    Financial Technologies vs NSE

    FT had approached the Competition Commission of India against the NSE - with respect to NSEs treatment of ODIN software, its handling of currency derivatives segment, and also with regards to its position on MCX-SX. On 2 of these 3 issues, CCI has come out very strongly against the NSE. All...
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    Tata Motors results

    A few years ago, Indians were surprised and proud to learn that over 95% of Suzuki's global profits were coming from Maruti Suzuki. Maruti Suzuki was the crown jewel of Suzuki. Tomorrow, we might see a similar situation, but from opposite perspective. Tata Motors bought Jaguar Land Rover...
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    Poetic Justice - Catamaran loses money on SKS Microfinance!

    Firstly, I have not had any dealings with Premji or PremjiInvest. However, I am familiar with 2-3 companies that have been invested in by PremjiInvest - these are the typical startup - small companies, first time entrepreneurs, who have nothing but a good idea and are willing to do their best to...