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    My Day trading strategy - Need suggestions to improve it.

    I need some pointers from the hardcore traders here. I use a strategy where I purchase 10-20Rs high volume and liquid shares for intraday. Its working out pretty good for me. I only take 10-30 paisa per trade and make 5-10 trade per day. Now the issue with this method is that I have to take big...
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    Cheated by my broker from Fortune Financial Services(Ind) Ltd

    I started this account some 4-5 months ago. The broker told me that I would get a 4 times leverage on delivery. I deposited Rs 50000 in the account.I didnt do much buying or selling in the account, as the broker didnt actually give me limit when I asked for and the market was also not that good...
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    Ask Your Forex Question Here

    Hi I just heard about forex auto pilot while browsing on the net. Has any body tried it ? Is it worth trying ? I looked around at many places but I didn't get a review so if someone knows something please share.
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    Which one do YOU use?

    ------------------------------------- guys it seems that mr Adam125 is trying to sell us something. look at the links at the bottom of his message.
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    Dream Journey from $ 200 to $ 20000

    guys where is dilsefx gone ? what happened to $200 to $25000 dream ? where has he reached ? This thread was getting very interesting in the start I hope dilsefx comes back and starts his quest again.
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    Free Stock Analysis software with Realtime & EOD Data

    good work done buddy . keep it up !!!!!!!!
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    technicals anylasis videos

    hey buddy is there a way these videos can be downloaded. that would be gr8.
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    Technical Analysis Course

    @ balajijai buddy did you get any further info on that site. I also heard about it and wanted to know if its useful. :)
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    technicals anylasis videos

    thanks for your contribution . It is really helpful.