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    Intraday trading vs long term investment

    It actually depends more on how much is one willing to risk. Intraday is more apt for those in favour of taking up risks.
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    What are the mistakes that new traders do while trading?

    I believe most of them trade without a plan and a risk management strategy and thats a big NO for a trader.
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    ICICI if you want a full service broker and Finvasia if you want a discount/commission free broker.
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    How to Learn Discipline

    Yeah, also brings discipline and avoids over and under trading.
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    need for psychology books

    True. An information overload can be harmful too for a beginner.
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    Trading Experience

    Indeed experience aids a trader see things more clearly though experience takes time, so we need to be patient.
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    intraday market

    Yup. So it isn't for everyone.
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    How to be patient

    I agree with all you here. A trading plan is like a guiding light for traders. We must use it for better results.
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    Ego, emotion and trading.

    Emotions are indeed hard to control but there interference in trading only ruins a trader's focus. So we have to learn to keep them aside if we want to let profits flow in.
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    From where to start investing?

    Exactly we must have a long term vision of our very idea behind investing in these markets. Unfortunately many traders lay less focus on it.
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    How to Learn Discipline

    Well said brother. Good points
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    Decent low-profile Discount Broker

    I agree finvasia does have a small client base but that doesn't make them any less i guess. I have an account with them and they have been good so far.Off lately they even stopped doing prop trading, which is another good reason to trust them.
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    Long term investment discussions

    I agree, currently only pharma companies seem good, others can be fine for holding for some long term period.
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    Day Traders Lounge.

    Hahaha.. #nolifewithoutmobile :P
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    Where do ya go on trips?

    To my hometown, in Dehradun. No other place gives me chills and peace the way this place does.