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    Trading for Living -- Successfully Completed one year as Full Time Trader

    Making Profit consistently .. Great. Options writing is actually unlimited loss strategy so I can say trade cautiously. But as per my knowledge Options Writing with Risk Management is actually great strategy even better than Options buying to make consistent money. :) Best Luck.
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    Bitcoins Investment.

    Government of India making some BAN on Cryptocurrency / Bitcoins transactions. Beware Trading / Investing in All Cryptocurrencies including Bitcoin with Indian Companies. As I do transactions usually on Cards in India so here is my Bank mail me today ..
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    PNB Scam??

    Its not his invention. @mannk actually copy paste this article from Here is link ..
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    PNB Scam??

    Mera Desh Badal Raha Hai. Aage Badh Raha Hai. :eek: Modiji Ki Jai Ho. Rahulji Ki Jai Ho. Sabhi Political Party aur Bureaucrats Ki Jai Ho. Have you read this .. List Of Scandals in India.
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    Bitcoins Investment.

    Thanks. This blog not even 1% of other international blogs who said why not to invest in Bitcoins. Search Google, Read them you will get deep knowledge and you realize why not to invest. Vice Versa .. Other international blogs who said why you must invest in Bitcoins. Search Google, Read them...
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    Bitcoins Investment.

    Bitcoin Chaos .. :eek: Not to worry for early Investors. I already made 250% profit in Bitcoin and other Cryptocurrencies. (Actually it should be 600%. Hmmm Greed again :() Expecting some more crash. Seems Strong Support at $5,000 and if breaks then strong support at $2000.
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    What is the Stock future market.How Does It Work.

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    Confusion about trailing stop loss and book profit

    Different brokers use different softwares. There are Pros and Cons. Call Kotak Customer Care / RM for better Answer. One question .. Was that Bracket Order with Trailing Stop Loss..? Regards
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    I have made a new Buy Sell signal system, Plz test it

    where is it ..????
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    Falling Interest Rates

    Hmmm.. @aja Hope you know The Interest Income from bank fixed deposit is fully taxable. Have you calculate TDS on your FD interest in 2014 / Income Tax if you fall in 20% - 30% Income Bracket / Return after Inflation. Have you calculate TDS on your FD interest in 2017 / Income Tax if you fall...
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    Bitcoins Investment.

    Yes .. You are Correct. I told you about these two websites on 1st page of this thread. That was on 5th Aug .. So in this 4 months of span I think many traders / investors hopefully opened account there. Also check And Yes .. If you want to HIDE yourself from All Bitcoin...
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    Daytrading percentage returns

    Return your Bank give 7% - 10% on your Investment. (Risk Free) Return your Mutual Fund give 10% - 25% on your Investment. (With Risk) As you said "How much returns should be expected practically." The word "Practically" is very important in Day Trading. Almost all Day Traders misinformed with...
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    Bitcoins Investment.

    You are Welcome. And yes .. when you complete your analysis and if found something amazing, let us know. Best Luck .. :)
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    Bitcoins Investment.

    @sumantra You can check below link for Bitcoin Chart @Raju You can open your free account at It will give you full access to historical data of Bitcoin as well all the major Crypto Currencies...
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    How can Aurobindo Pharma's price fall

    And Yes .. @Shubham Goyal Welcome To Traderji.