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    Trade Smart Online

    Hello @TradeSmartOnline, Coming from Collateral for Margin Against Share from your website, got a question! You don't accept MF as collateral, do you? I mean Debt funds like ICICI Prudential Constant Maturity Gilt Fund or any stable counter like Liquid Fund. Thank you
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    General Trading Chat

    It's actually 1 Gbps! ;)
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    Lol... DIS/e-DIS - Others can view your data! Easiest - only between you and the party whom you transfer securities under secure Depository login! Which is safe? On contrary to e-DIS, Easiest is very fast like IMPS money transfer. If used during market hours, and if CDSL to CDSL, it happens...
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    no Finvasia offers CDSL Easiest - so need to use DIS/e-DIS... Watch the steps here for off-market transactions
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    Discount Broker Comparison

    Not interested in day trading!
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    Discount Broker Comparison

    No... They offer two plans - Scroll through these web-pages: Dynamic Brokerage Plan Advance Brokerage
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    Discount Broker Comparison

    I never understood how Zerodha still continues to lure mass? They are the most pathetic brokerage I have ever seen, both platform stability wise and customer service wise - their OMS sucks, withdrawal is always delayed to next day, and there is a never ending list... This shows the significance...
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    !!! Beware Illegal AmiBroker Users !!!

    Very shameful !!! These things need to stop..... (
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    Risk of war with China at highest

    In 1962 our leaders then, portrayed us as a helpless weak nation in world forum for their self-gratification. Time is different now @protrade! China won't risk withdrawal and further trade isolation from the World by waging a war against India.... But given the circumstances it will be hard for...
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    Zerodha screwed me

    @Zerodha systematically lure inexperienced retail newcomers (mostly millennials) with promise of technological advantage, in return fails to even substantiate basic Order Management System (OMS). The way they behaved with me in the past; I perceive, this broker is suffering from superiority...
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    Thank you
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    Ok.. but margin derived from pledged Stocks or Indices based ETFs inherits other degree of risk pertaining to relative price fluctuations. So, out of all available ETFs only LiquidBees is safe but the problem with LiquidBees is that it is hard to liquidate the fractional units left behind after...
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    Dear @Finvasia, Have gone through How to Pledge Shares via Easiest. Got two queries only, (1) How to buy mutual funds with you? (2) Please share an approved list of pledge-able securities including mutual funds. Thank you P.S. To fellow forum members who are thinking to point to Z's list...
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    Zerodha option settlement seems fraud.

    Raise a complaint in SEBI SCORES, they'll forward it to NSE Investor Services Cell (ISC) which you'll be able to view from NSE's NICE PLUS Platform once your complaint reference id is generated. If not resolved within 15 days, NSE's ISC shall conduct a hearing to Investor Grievance Resolution...
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    Yes @Finvasia - no Contract note received on email for 30-Jun-20 as of now!