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    Does this make any sense to you ?

    I wrote it myself to caliculate the correlations and then passing that data to graphviz to generate, I myself don't use any other software.
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    Does this make any sense to you ?

    @pasha correlation over shorter time periods is not preferable since it could generate lot of false positives. Now I am trying to findout stocks which are performing identical to the last year quarter. Once the study is completed I will post table of stocks.
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    Does this make any sense to you ?

    @zeekid This chart indicates connected stocks move togather. i.e if one stock goes up other stock also goes up and also vice versa. Day trader can take advatage of lagged response of depending stock. @pasha Created using graphviz opensource graph generation tool. I have updated and...
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    The Thin Line Between Potential & Trends

    You can recognize head & shoulders pattern by using minima and maxima methods.
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    Does this make any sense to you ?

    This image shows deep correlation between stocks. Generated using last 60 eod period data. Useful for pairs trading. Thanks.
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    NSE Futures & Options Bhav copies ?

    Hi, A few weeks back I saw some nse official site where you can download futures & options data in csv format. Anybody have url to that download page. Please give me if you have. Thanks.
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    Online investing of mutual funds

    How can I invest in Index funds using ICICIDIRECT ? Hi, I would like to know exact steps for investing in index funds using ICICIDIRECT. Thier CC gave me some steps but I am not able find them anywhere on their site. Not even under MutualFunds(SIP).. If anybody know how to access...