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    Bitcoins Investment.

    Lots of good wallets are available. Blockchain, Mycelium etc. Google them. Be very careful with your transactions and never leave your coins on the exchange wallet, always transfer them to your personal wallet. There are a lot of new alt-coins which are still new to the party and available...
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    Bitcoins Investment.

    Most bitcoin trading is done by automated bots. For more information check out YouTube videos. Suggest you stay away from trading. Instead accumulate coins slowly. If you want you can also set up your own bots. Lots of online material on that subject too.
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    Bitcoins Investment.

    I would suggest that you buy from individuals on sites like paxful and localbitcoins. Zebpay and other exchanges charge high transaction fees. Most importantly secure your coins with a good wallet do not leave the coins on the sites wallet.
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    Bitcoins Investment.

    You can now buy bitcoins in INR and pay via paytm on . I guess we are catching up with the rest of the world now.
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    Time in the market beats trying to time the market

    Time in the market beats trying to time the market
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    VIP Clothing Rights Issue

    Rights issue for VIP Clothing announced Ratio 1:4 Premium : Rs.24 Record Date : 20/11 Ex-Rights : 17/11. Just sharing the news. Views welcome.
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    Sharing some analytics

    I guess so. You can post the link every day.
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    Sharing some analytics

    Will you be running this report daily? Its an excellent snapshot of the market
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    Sharing some analytics

    Wow, thats some nice reporting. What time EOD does it refresh ?
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    How to pick stock for the next day?

    Use the NR7 indicator. Works most of the time.
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    General Trading Chat

    Its good to read about something different here other than the daily day trading diet. ST Sir. Please post more about growing wealth the old fashioned stock investing way.
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    I know this company personally. They are in quite a bad shape financially. Their investments in wind energy and other diversification's have been disastrous losses. Even their vendors are not paid in time. Please be careful with this stock.
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    General Trading Chat

    Hello Friends, Can you suggest some good stocks that have corrected and have good value. Which stocks are now inexpensive for a long term horizon. thanks
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    Self Help & Misc. Instresting Stuff.

    How to opt out of whatsapps data sharing with Facebook. Go to Settings > Account > Share my account info, then simply uncheck the box:
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    Volume Profile and Market Profile a new wave of market picture

    If I am correct then there was a failed auction at 8650 and price moved downwards.