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    Option experts need help with current position

    ask that person who told you to buy naked options.....
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    Optimizing a trading strategy

    curve fitting on historical charts won t assure you same are developing an algo means you defined every outcome of a trade ( a fixed outcome ). without any manual intervention. every trading system will have worst days( max drawdown ), you just need to design appropriate money...
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    Hello guys, i have this ST da s gap code here i need this code in mql4 file. if anybody interested to do it, i will pay for his hard work this wont be a free job. the code is listed below. _SECTION_BEGIN("SMART TRADE ZONES"); x=BarIndex(); rightStrength=Param("Fractal Pivot Right side...
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    Option Trade Diary from 26th April 2021

    Good, if you are doing this mistake again, i ll start abusing for your each mistake;). just kidding bro, goodluck ahead.....:)
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    Need this concept AFL code in mql4 code

    not even a paid coder here?
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    Finding the path to my Successful Trading System

    iam following your wishes
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    Need this concept AFL code in mql4 code

    Hello guys i have this ST sir s code here, iam looking for mt4 code for this any help is appreciated free or paid welcome..... /////////////////////////////////// _SECTION_BEGIN("SMART TRADE ZONES"); x=BarIndex(); rightStrength=Param("Fractal Pivot Right side Strength",3,0,50,1)...
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    how to write in mt4

    how to write this in mt4 language? Plot( C, "Close", ParamColor("Color", colorDefault ), styleNoTitle | ParamStyle("Style") | GetPriceStyle() ); Buy = C > O; Sell = C < O; Cover=Buy; Short=Sell; shape = Buy * shapeUpArrow + Sell * shapeDownArrow; PlotShapes( shape, IIf( Cross(H,Buy)...
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    A paid coding project

    Hello coder guys hope you are well, i have an afl which i want to convert it into MT4 code(editable version). here is my requirement, 1 - i need two codes with slight change in buy sell condition 2 - you need to explain me where you made the changes in the code and how to identify the syntax...
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    Forex on weekends

    so yes forex only works till friday, however some broker s like iqoptions provide OTC data to trade....
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    Hi guys, iam trying to learn MT4 coding from this website anybody has any idea about this, iam trying to plot the blocks however looks like it is not showing on mt4 chart...any idea about this
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    Lets meet mumbai

    agree with you vishal no commercial purpose, those who want to sell something they are not welcomed and pls dont come...this is just to discuss things and to help each other out. we all have diff experiences and diff knowledge so lets share and grow together.
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    Lets meet mumbai

    sent u pm chk it
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    Lets meet mumbai

    hello nice idea sumo, lets make a plan if you are in we are 3 ppl till now including me
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    Lets meet mumbai

    hello guys inbox me we will decide time and place