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    Volume Spread Analysis

    This is the direct link in case you are still unable to find it.
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    Volume Spread Analysis

    All those people who are trying to master VSA, here is my honest opinion about VSA. I have been trying to learn VSA for the last 10 years or so. I have not traded in markets everyday during these 10 years, but have been a consistent observer. VSA, as presented by Tom Williams and his successors...
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    where to learn??

    Sir, you can learn the facts and theories on stocks, mutual funds equity and other investments on the internet. But if you want trading in these to make profit, it will take some money, limitless patience and 9 lives.
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    How to liquidate

    India Infoline must have sent you some "welcome" documents. Amongst these you will find your trading account ID and customer care no. Call the customer care and if possible, place order to sell these the shares at earliest. You will receive cash balance in your trading account after 2 or 3 days...
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    Stocks that are in uptrend but never talked about in news or by brokers

    Hello, Those of us who have been around in the market for some time may have realized how news channels, analysts appearing on TV channels, newspapers, newsletters, picks, tips, etc. from our stock brokers are continuously trying to influence our choice of which scrips to buy. But there...
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    Digital India-stocks

    There is a good potential upside in this scrip. But since it has already risen a lot recently, I think it will consolidate in the immediate short term. It may even go down a little(perhaps 130-ish) before it could break above 180-ish levels.
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    Company Categorization by the Exchanges

    A, B, M, T2T, Z, etc... grouping in used in BSE. In NSE, there is a 'series'...example EQ, T2T, Z, etc. Yes, scrips can change groups according to surveillance policies of the exchange or regulatory influence.
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    Flash crash compensation

    The crash did not occur because of a system glitch. It worked exactly as it was supposed to. A large sell order came into the system and satisfied all bids. These are "market forces".
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    What is the meaning of this ? BUY XYZ June 230 Call at 1.4 ??

    The recommendation is given for an option(derivative) trade.
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    Are these rates good?

    Going by their rates, they are a discount broker. Check their regulatory registrations. If that is fine, go ahead, no problem.
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    What happens to market if RBI hikes price ?

    Ha ha ha. Thanks. :D
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    What happens to market if RBI hikes price ?

    Indeed, you must be confused. After all, at any given point in time, there are almost sizeable no. of bears who expect the market to come down, and similar no of bulls who expect the market to rise. If the market always acts unexpectedly, you have to be confused about whose expectations the...
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    Dotex sending notice for illegal use of data feed

    Does not sell, but provides to clients? Conflicting right?
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    impatience & Greed

    When we talk about being impatient or greedy, we are basically suffering from guilt and finding a reason to blame. The guilt may be unwarranted. Since 100% success is not achievable, we should accept failure or loss as it comes instead of trying to rationalise or analyse. Retrospective analysis...