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    Brokers who has no restrictions on allowed strikes

    Guys, Which all brokers allow to buy cheap deep otm or itm bank nifty options ? On expiry day or any other day. In zerodha, it's not possible. I am looking for other options. Please do share your suggestions. Strategy is hero zero.
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    7rs is very less fees for experiments and market studying , that you are doing on a wonderful platform. It can't stay 1 rs for the end of the world. Come to senses guys. Stock market learning is an expensive practise for a trader. Because it rewards too well. So just be ready to spend some to...
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    my watchlist

    Pc jewellery no no. It will be 0 soon
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    Closing of Trading and DEMAT account

    Well it's a great choice sir . I ran behind many , but taking some things into consideration, i still lean toward Z. Especially the ease of use and simultaneous logins ,which many don't provide. Hanging platform is the only issue they need to work on.
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    ORDER FLOW - DELTA Concept

    Lol let me also hijack the thread
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    Closing of Trading and DEMAT account

    From those 6, which one is the most valued broker for you ,as per your trading setup. Just curiosity.
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    Is investment in mutual fund safe?

    It's doubtful since Franklin short debt fund also got hit badly. Even debt funds can backfire you..You never know...
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    Broker for Expiry Day Intraday Trading

    Yeah they provide margin plus plan. But the sad thing is that only the less volatile strikes are available to trade. That's a big no for me when it comes to options day.
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    ProStocks - Unlimited Trading Plan and Flat Fee Plan

    Kindly provide a demo to try out your app and terminal, if it's not too much to ask.
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    Zerodha Genuine Review

    I am not fully satisfied with point 12 , till you do a brokerage and fees break down. Awesome review btw.
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    Astha Trading Genuine Review

    Great review. On point. Please review others too .
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    Broker for Expiry Day Intraday Trading

    Kotak securities and hdfc sec allows margin as per your capital. Those are reliable setups. They have fixed brokerage plan too. Astha , angel broking or may be wisdom capital for big margins upfront. But I won't trust those platforms blindly while taking big risks.
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    Feedback for FYERS Mobile App - New Version

    1. Fingerprint login.... A must have. 2. Show Current P&L on top of the app all time. ( It will help us to exit from a profit trade , with maximum green) 3. Custom color selection for candles.
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    Angel Broking

    What is angel broking nifty futures margin for intraday ?
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    Discount Broker Comparison

    Which broker has high margin for futures ( especially nifty futures) ? Its ok to give a fair brokerage if they provide a stable non hanging platform too. Any suggestions guys ...