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    Need buy sell signal to be added

    Dear Seniors n experts i need a help from u .. I have 2 levels for buy side say A1,A2 which are two lines need to add buy signal if candle closes above these levels ... Same way for sell sell side i have 2 levels say B1,B2 if candle closes below B1 and B2 means sell signal should come ... Buy...
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    Need AFL Help me Friends

    Thanks for ur contribution and help sir ... Afl code is not ploting any lines ... it seems not working pls chk once sir.. thanks
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    Need AFL Help me Friends

    Thanks for ur reply sir... i have tried in searching above told AFL sir...but i cant find for day first candle motherbar .... will be happy if anybody help me... Seniors pls helpme ...
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    Need AFL Help me Friends

    Dear Friends n experts .. i need AFL to plot line for high and low of Morning first 15 min candle ( mother candle ) if next 3 candles are inside 1st 15 min candle .. pls share me AFL for above ... Thanks in advance
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    Need MT4 Indicator

    Friends pls code this formula pls ...
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    Need MT4 Indicator

    hi sir .. just my example : crude march contract ... 24.02.2017 date OHLC 3620.00 3627.00 3591.00 3615.00 Z = 3627.0 + 3591.0 + 3615.00 = 10833 A= 10833*0.67 = 7258 Q= 7258 - 3627 = 3631 ( SORRY I HAVE MENTIONED Z- Y.HIGH ... :confused: ACTUALLY THAT IS A-Y.HIGH ) ( SORRY...
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    Need MT4 Indicator

    yessss sir .... credit goes to original author ...... exactly .. :clapping::clapping:
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    Need MT4 Indicator

    nosir ... only z hasto subracted with yesterdayhigh.... simple ... no other hidden calculation here...
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    Need MT4 Indicator

    yes sir .. 0.67 is fibo numbers .. no other specific reason or miss calculation in this ....
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    Need MT4 Indicator

    Dear Friends i need mt4 indicator for given below formula .. z = yesterday HIGH + yesterday Low + yesterday close, A = Z * 0.67, Q= Z - yesterday HIGH IF TODAY OPEN IS ABOVE " Q " THEN PLOT RED COLOUR LINE BELOW 2 POINTS FROM OPEN PRICE ( OPEN - 2 ) IF TODAY OPEN IS BELOW " Q "...
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    Help needed in high low ploting

    Dear friends and Experts .. when i click any candle the AFL code should plot lines for previous swing high and low in any time frame .. pls Help me ... Thanks in Advance
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    Need MT4 to nest/ODIN robot

    Dear experts & Friends I need to make auto trading in MT4 which has to place order frm MT4 to NEST / ODIN .. * 6 Horizontal lines have to be drawn MANUALLY .. in which one is for buy , second is for Target and third is for Stoploss Same vise versa for Sell side . * Horizontal Line can...
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    Need Help Convert AFL to MT4 indicator

    Dear Friends and experts i need help from u guys .. pls convert AFL to mt4 indicator Need in urgent - help me guys AFL code : ===================================================== _SECTION_BEGIN("Price"); SetChartOptions(0,chartShowArrows|chartShowDates); _N(Title =...
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    need Elliot wave formula or excel sheet

    Dear friends im looking for Elliot wave Formula or Excel sheet based on OHLC data like pivot trading .. .. pls share .. Thanks in advance
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    Help to start mt4 data provider business

    Dear friends and experts .. i like to start mt4 data providing business , i want to know technical ideas .., so kindly advice me ideas and suggestions to start mt4 real time data business .. thanks in advance :thumb: