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    Thoughts on Risk Management

    Good to know your expertise, also learn some new investment avenues and grow your financial positions gradually.
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    hi how to start algo trading from broker api?

    I guess if we have a good trading strategy we can get it coded into that particular EA/Bot and automate our trading experience.
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    Probability and Trading

    I guess if we take it as a coin flip with only two options in forex trading it can be relatively true because either we win or lose but if we does not take time to analyze markets and through the dart in the dark it will not like trading perhaps then it will be termed as gambling.
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    Can you get rich by trading forex?

    Agreed, dedication comes first then is the focus and third is the patience involved in becoming successful in my opinion.
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    Hotforex forex broker - any feedback?

    HFM stands for Hotforex Markets? Seem pretty awesome in my opinion as compared to hotforex only..
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    What are the mistakes that new traders do while trading?

    We need a lot of practice with patience and proper discipline otherwise the trading markets are very professional which does not spare any of the trader's mistakes.
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    where to learn??

    Investopedia is a good learning resource and i think we should thanks to google for at least we can ask any related question using their search bar.
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    How to select an online broker for me?

    Some of the reputed online brokers can be hotforex, octa, xm, exness, lmfx etc however recommending a broker is really becoming hard these days because many new brokers coming in while at the same time many winding up too so better doing a little research to finalize the right trading partner.
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    Hotforex forex broker - any feedback?

    In my opinion forex trading is evergreen as long as we need fiat to fuel transactions across the globe. Crypto also like S&P, Nasdaq, penny stocks etc where the coins or tokens are emerging every day. So diversifying the portfolio is a good option you can also put some of your funds in PAMM...
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    How to start trading

    Just start learning the forex trading processes and using a demo account can be the best way to learn the forex trading processes more easily than any other learning resources.
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    How to Learn Discipline

    We need to develop discipline if we want to successful in future because if we see successful persons around us we can easily find out that they are much focused with their goals and disciplined professionals.
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    How to Avoid Forex Losses In Forex Trading?

    Stop loss feature can be used to cut off losses earlier because bad day can occurs to professional traders as well where the odds can turned against them so better to take loss early rather than losing up the entire account in one single trade.
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    How to find good stocks ?

    Its all about doing proper research to be at the top of market so we better need to make sure we can go around and make our own home work rather than relying on the insiders' for finding good stocks.
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    Why I Bought Bitcoin

    Crypto being in its in fancy stage i guess and no doubt a lot many make a hell loads of money out of it while many on the same side lost also. Forex currencies on the other side are the evergreen trading instruments in my opinion.
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    Self trading or broker??

    The brokers usually provide all of the tools and resources all in one on the same desk so i guess the preferred trading should be given to a broker in my opinion.