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    Traderji 2.0 Feedback & Suggestions

    You may want to put out a page for latest posts. Try it. You'll be surprised it may be the most visited.
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    Awesome Hull Trick AFL Needdd

    Could anyone do it for Metastock? Thanks
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    Metastock formula- a bug in the soup

    Hello experts, I have this formula for keltner and bollinger band histogram. There seems to be a bug in it. Doesn't do its thing. Can someone proficient and with time on his hands debug it for metastock 8. Thanks Inputs: {------------------------------------------------} Price(Close)...
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    PyDownloader Reloaded

    Hey mike, the PY downloader is working at top gear. Can you link it to open an excel file after downloading is complete? And probably run a macro embedded :)
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    Rocket Stocks for Swing and Positional

    Sanju, what would have been the buy trigger?
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    PyDownloader Reloaded

    Is 14 days possible? As in google fin?
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    PyDownloader Reloaded

    Hope its up and running now
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    PyDownloader Reloaded

    I think it sent it into that darn sandbox. EVEN when I had exited the AV. However when i set it up with the AV running ( last gasp effort before I quit for good) the AV pop up gave a clue as to what it was up to. All good ween me and the AV now And working like a charm
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    PyDownloader Reloaded

    Thanks for the offsite support( hope that's da word, mot juste so to speak :) ). I think it was the AV. Its up and running Thanks genius thumbs up :)
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    PyDownloader Reloaded

    I'm way outa my depth here, think it may be little bit more ... Installed as Admin and without the AV(comodo). Its the same result as depicted in the pic. However a thorough and meticulous search :) of C drive established the presence of Aliens in the form C:\VTRoot etc (Capn its ina code I...
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    PyDownloader Reloaded

    Thats the point. there's no PyDownloader folder in the C drive or any other drive
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    niftyonly trading

    OI to showing a bit of bearishness
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    PyDownloader Reloaded

    Hi Mike, Back to base and loaded the PyDownloader right away. It set up like a charm and did its thing? But, but there's no output? Or installation folder or any sign that it exists. I attach a pic of the screen with the C drive in the background. A search of the folder, tickerlist etc on the...
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    PyDownloader Reloaded

    thanks Mike, travelling. wilco over the weekend. And will put up feedback on 360 antivirus