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    Intraday call

    kaushal you are doing an excellent job here and let me thank you for it.But i would be more happy if you teach us how you are trading and which trading system you use and what indicators you use it would be very useful----i know may be i am asking too much but if u can please share with us.Thank...
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    Forex from scratch --a helping hand from pipshower...

    Hey Pipshower Even i did not meant to have any diffrences with ur views.just having ur opinion regarding scalping.Your Thread is simply great and rocking.Keep the good work.Happy Pipping.:thumb::thumb:
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    Forex from scratch --a helping hand from pipshower...

    THANK YOU PIPSHOWER for doing wonderful job here.I went all through your thread in ONE DAY and was very much impressed.I am also trading forex for some time now and was interested in somebody who was from INDIA.I am excited to know about ur starategy and wish to know pivots you use u calculate...
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    Ask Your Forex Question Here

    well if u r earning so much i hardly see anybody out there who may be making more money than you.Keep up your good work buddy and if possible train us also so we may also benefit from you.
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    any forex trading strategies?

    I would wish people who tarde forex in various curencies come out with various ideas for developing a new trading strategy that is profitable for everyone.since many new persons would be involved we would get opportunity to exchange new ideas.
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    Attention! - Forex trading is illegal in India!

    yes sandeep you are right.Even you can trade from India in all pairs except INR based pair.It is perfectly okie for yhou to send remittances outside india as a part of ofshore investments.
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    Strategies to trade forex

    Hi Shantanu, Well 300 pips per month is even without using any startegy any body can win.let me tell u.scalping is very good strategy and as u rightly said only those should enter who have guts to bear large losses.secondly select a highly volatile pair gbp/jpy is best but...
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    Trading strategies for FOREX trading

    hi, I hope you are telling us regarding intraday trading.My dear Friend let me assure you I have been trading forex for quite sometime and in intraday trading its only brokers who earn money,you only earn money if you are long term trader and for that you need to look nothing low than...
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    New bie to forex can they go for automated managed trading account

    Hi Althaf, If you are interested investing money in forex dont go for managed accounts as the amount of returns they give is even less than our mutual funds.Instead even if you slowly play yourself about 2hrs everyday you will get 50% per month on money invested which no...
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    Ask Your Forex Question Here

    hi sundaram , I am neither FXCM's represenatative nor their agent but their service is superb.Let me tell you I have even counter checked it in the field and found that even they can sort out problems realted to placing orders and problems with execution of orders.There...
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    Ask Your Forex Question Here

    I expect to rupee futher strengthen till december and then will fall so u can look for new opportunity in jan to feb although these are just predictions as I hope the hype due to fed rate cut will be over by then and people would again go back to carry trades.
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    Ask Your Forex Question Here

    hi, You should understand the basic thing that now rupee is getting stronger and stronger as compared to both dollar and euro.The second option would have been good if rupee would have been strong against dollar and weak against euro.In this case it would not affect you much.The second...
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    Ask Your Forex Question Here

    Hi I am using FXCM as broker and let me tell you i manage to tranfer my money in my account via HDFC Bank.I have been told by my frinds and other people including the concerned in reliance money HDFC Bank asks you the least questions and conducts hasslefre tranfers.I have not come across any...
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    Ask Your Forex Question Here

    I am also trading forex for quite some time and I am doing quite well.I have two questions for Mr jj shah 1) Trading with high leverage say around 10 times in highly volatile currency pairs like gbp/jpy for small profits rather than trading with normal leverage to gain same amount of profit...
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    Autotrading on forex

    hey amarnath, it is really good to see somebody putting system on net for testing.Rather i feel like other forex forums there should be Indian forum for sharing and imporving forex trading systems.I see forums like forex factory, Moneytech traders and is really impressed by...