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    Differences in Gold etf fund

    Hi, I am confused while looking at different valuation of gold etf funds at nse website. For Eg: click on below link and you will find there is significant difference in the prices of different gold etf.
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    Skip SIP next week?

    The whole idea abt SIP is dont try to time the market? How do you know next to next week market will tank? So dont cancel ur sip and anyway in the long run this small rallies or fall does not matter if one invest in SIP way.
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    HUF pan card

    Hi Guys, Thanks a lot for the input. I already had HUF pan card but now dont know how can I avail the benefit from the same. I have following doubts regarding the same: 1. If I want to invest thru HUF do I need to create one more bank account on HUF name? 2. How to create the corpus for HUF...
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    HUF pan card

    Hi, Can anyone tell me what is the use of HUF pan card? Someone told me that we can save tax if we invest thru HUF pan card instead of personal pan card. If thats the case can nyone tell me how one can do that?
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    Where to invest Real estate or MF?

    Thanks Asterix, I have certain queries though. 1. Do you think Dividend option is okay? What is the tax implication for dividend option when DTC will come into effect? 2. I personally prefer dividend option since I think it autometically keeps booking profit without to worry abt exact time...
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    Where to invest Real estate or MF?

    Hi asterix, Here is my current portfolio I have stopped investing in SBI funds now and started monthly SIP's as follows Further I am thinking to invest atleast 25 K per month thru SIP route. Can u suggest which fund should I invest in? Thanks.
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    ICICI Prudential Discovery or IDFC PEF

    Hi Solenoid123, Can you elaborate what is the difference between IDFC Premier Equity Fund Plan A and IDFC Premier Equity Fund Plan B???
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    Where to invest Real estate or MF?

    Hi asterix24, Thanks for your input. Some of your inputs regarding MF especially like ease of liquidation is really appreciable. However, as you told most of 20+ or 30+ have this doubts in mind. All my friends are investing in real estate, but actually they are buying homes so that anyways does...
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    Where to invest Real estate or MF?

    I am confused whether in the long run one should invest in real estate or equity. I personally feel that investing in equity will be best shot for long term investment. Any opinion????
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    Stocks To Keep A Close Eye On

    Re: Stocks To Keep A Close Eye On - Chapter II Hi Anant Sir, I am just curious to know that 13% (Best case) annualized return that too in bullish market is not very lucrative. Am I missing some thing here? Please clarify. PS: Dont take the above comment otherwise; I am just curious to know...
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    R K Global Issues!

    Hi Guys, I am facing a strange problem with the RKG. Every time I am filling buy or sell order for nifty option and if my offer price is lower than market price then my order gets frozen. For Eg: Today I wanted to cover my short position NIFTY 5000 PE SEP options @9Rs. Though it made a low...
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    Nifty Bees and Call Options

    I think r/r is risk reward ratio and CC is covered call strategy. Actually, what you are suggesting will require huge money. Capricorn is suggesting same thing can be done with the help of buying one lot of nifty future and write a call option. That way margin requirement will be roughly...
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    Technical Analysis COURSE in bangalore or chennai (TN)

    Here is the link There is pdf version also available. Go to below link
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    Price band for nifty options

    Hi, Can anyone tell me how to find the price band for nifty options? I tried to search it on nse sites and got below information. Look at the bold font. It just says "A contract specific price range based on its delta value is computed and updated on a daily basis". But where can I find out...
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    Need help in understanding order placement in f&O with RKG

    Hi Guys, I tried to short 5000 Sept 2010 put option today with RKG. First of all it says that order is frozen. I did not understood what is meant by frozen order. I contacted customer care of RKG and they replied that I placed order incorrectly. But I am sure that I placed order correctly...