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    Amibroker: Can I have previous day IEOD data from my local and current day's IEOD data from any realtime vendor

    Let's say I have tatamotors.csv IEOD data of previous day at my local drive and I want to import that and today's relatime data from any vendor How can I see both the days data at one chart Problem is that as I import the previous day's data on amibroker and connect realtime data , I loose the...
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    How can I get Sum of all bars(Close-Open) for all the stocks present in watchlist at any given time (time frame 5 minutes)

    Lets say I have 5 stock in watchlist/Group and my time frame is 5minutes Tatamotors Infy Tatasteel TCS Maruti lets say at 9:30 I need sum of (Close-Open) for all the stocks
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    How to get previous days 1st min Volume

    I need an afl for getting previous day's 1st(of 9:15 AM) or 2nd min(9:16AM) volume I tried with "TimeFrameGetPrice( "V", inDaily, -1 )" but this outputs complete volume of previous day Please help me with an afl.
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    Has anybody tried "Fortune mantra" book by (astro based trading)

    Has anybody trading as per "Fortune mantra" book by ? Are their predictions correct and to what percentage correct Or any other Astro prediction?
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    Automatic trade entry in amibroker or any other software

    Thank you very much sir
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    Automatic trade entry in amibroker or any other software

    thanks for your quick reply does Amibroker have any UI where I can specify stock name, Trigger price, Buy/Sell..etc ?? I came across such an option in ZERODHA. Am i right?
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    Automatic trade entry in amibroker or any other software

    I want to know If AMIBROKER or any software has any automatic trade entry option? Example: Lets say SBIN is now at 250, but at if any point of time it reaches or crosses 252 Amibroker ( or any other software) should automatically buy at market price Is above example possible with...
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    Need basic Opening range breakout (ORB) afl

    Also add a condition if it crosses the 1st (High or Low) price then popup for buy/sell and if it cross the opposite line also then popup SL triggered
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    Need basic Opening range breakout (ORB) afl

    Hello guys, Can someone post simplest ORB afl, where the time frame is (5min) and buy signal is when price cross High of 1st 5 min candle and sell signal when price cross low of 1st 5 min candle Only above condition, no other condition required in afl Thanks, Jayant
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    Is there any method to use "Explore" feature for a watchlist

    I want to use "Explore" feature for watchlist. Is it possible?
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    Is there any way of Importing specific symbol out of many files in Amibroker

    I want to Import specific 150 company from a folder having 500 company Is there any easy way to import that in amibroker (need a shortcut method) My method is: find those particular 150 company and copy to another folder and then use Import Ascii/Wizard (this is a lengthy and boring process)
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    How to copy tick charts from Bazaartrend

    Is there any way to copy tick charts from bazaartrend ( I need to take options 5 min historic data for testing purpose for most of the EQ as I could not find free Options IEOD data (for testing purpose) Thanks Babu
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    Backfill from user's computer and RT data from Server. Possible?

    Thankyou very much MANISH bhai
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    Backfill from user's computer and RT data from Server. Possible?

    For example, I have subscribed Realtime data from any of the source (globaldatafeeds, market-data-provider, etc) and these vendors also provide Backfill data 1. For example I want to trade today, so I am getting Realtime data from my vendor. But I want the backfill data from my computer (i,e...