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    Day Trading Stocks & Futures

    in my opinion, comparing India to other countries especially small ones is like comparing apples to oranges, our country is the 7th largest in demographic area, and most diversified in this planet compared to other countries. a country like srilanka or bangladesh is not that difficult to...
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    General Trading Chat

    looks like our indices holding still...
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    SEBI's new move to cut retailers participation in F&O!

    not taking sides here. the solution could be like students during their study should not be trading. let him learn and do demo or small quantity trades in the meantime not to loose focus on studies. its ok to trade once the person gets settled in life properly and think about trading. student...
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    General Trading Chat

    a very old comedy show from 90's, there is a message in it :D:hilarious:
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    FNO Trading

    @pasupathy - good money management and disciplined trades buddy!
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    Learning Curve in Day Trading

    @suri112000 - fantastic thread!
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    Market timing vs restance

    in my opinion day trading is different ball game then swing trading/investing. there are many factors determine where stocks hits bottom / top such as day range of a stock / circuit breakers, goto higher timeframe to see visible price tops/bottoms, floor/fibonacci pivots, vwap gaps/pullbacks.
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    thanks. in fyersone platform, right now iam not able to create my own workspace. are you planning to add customized workspace for users?
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    hi Tejas, pivot point indicator is missing in Fyers web, any idea when this will be introduced? Thanks
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    General Trading Chat

    fantastic, its like you are elevated to a new dimension and working on a totally different phase. you are a true inspiration to all traders :)
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    @Tejas Khoday, Thanks for VWAP, it has better parameters then upstox! Excellent!
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    General Trading Chat

    i have seen threads in traderji, full time/part time/ swing traders trying to prove time and again that if we follow proper money management, discipline, with a strategy having an edge money can be made from market, i have seen even some of them posted their PL statements. i know this traderji...
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    Charts for the Day

    perfectly said!!!
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    @Tejas Khoday In Fyers web platform, not able to zoom out the candles. it does just only once and that brings back to the current state only.
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    @Tejas Khoday , Greetings! I am planning to open account with you, got demo account and went through the web platform its impressive! yet to check the desktop platform. one thing i noticed, i disconnected the internet and the web platform didn't gave me any alert, price movement stopped and i...