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    my trading system - trend decider level

    Hi Guys, I am starting a thread today with calls updated end of the day. I will use all the systems possible to find the potential stocks for the next day. This would be EOD system and we will also follow the news in the stock.. thank you How I make these calls? I use the trend decider...
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    Pick stocks one day before

    Hi All, Thanks for supporting me, I have been following traderji for years now and learning each day. I have a Youtube video to share with other traders, I find it useful and You can also start trading using this method.
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    1 lakh to 652 lakhs in 497 trading days - Winning 20% of Trade in NIFTY Futures - Bac

    Hi, I am back after years!! Good to see you all!! thanks to Healthraj for creating an amazing excel sheet! can anyone help me find the download link for MTP v2.2 tool.. I have the MTP v1.1 , anyone know the password... it is too slow and not updating.. thanks all
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    Videos on stock trading/investing

    Hi , I have some youtube videos on my channel.. Please check the videos and I created them for a paid course and giving it for free.. Happy trading/investing!! Next month I will give you another set of videos!! Have a nice day :)
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    Exploring....Exploding STOCKS !!!

    so you need to find the right chart patterns and volume to find the future prices!!!
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    Exploring....Exploding STOCKS !!!

    guys check out lichousing , it tanked 4 percent!! it was appearing as sell
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    Exploring....Exploding STOCKS !!!

    Guys , Check it out this youtube video and you will find the technique!! All the best! thank you
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    Trading Basics (free pdf)

    Hi friends, it's been long time here and traderji is the place where the best traders hangout! I want to share you a PDF about trading basics which I added some topics over time. There is a free pdf and please take time to read it, thank you...
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    NIFTY Options Trading by RAJ

    Hi I am back here after long time, can anyone tell me the logic behind the excel sheet being used..
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    Day Trading Stocks & Futures

    Trading is not just using levels to trade, it also means to find the psychology behind the trades. If you are looking for sure shot technique, there is no method. But if you understand the chart patterns, support, resistance, volume , you are sure to make profits.. Lot of people believe stock...
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    Top 10 books on stock Market

    Trading stocks?investing stocks is an art which has to be mastered every day to be skillful. As time keeps changing , the psychology behind trading also changes. Back in the days, there were less volume and now everyone wants to make quick money. The idea of investing/trading never change and...
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    How to pick stock for the next day?

    Hi I have created a simple formula for amibroker and it works on daily charts only. Look out for stocks that have good volume. you can use the MACD sell or BUY setup to filter the results.. Happy...
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    How to pick stock for the next day?

    Hi, This thread is about how to pick stocks for the next day? is there any simple technique? How to find BTST stocks??
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    Excel sheet trading

    update 1: when the first 30 mins candle is green, you can buy above the buy levels and when it's negative,then red.
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    Exploring....Exploding STOCKS !!!

    Hi, this is the new post to this forum after so many months. today i got rolta and alankit through this scanner.. rolta broke previous day high and made 74 alankit( which i never heard before) did not break the previous high and i am still clueless how ravi and explorer make good calls end...