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    Tejas 3 questions please 1) your DOM trading ladder is it static like jigsaw trader & X-trader or is it dynamic 2) as this is a web based service is it fast enough to place & execute orders for scalping, generally web based platforms are delayed & not real time so its impossible to scalp 3)...
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    How the MACD can fetch you money - Newbies

    I do't think anybody in history was or has been able to make money on a consistent basis using only the MACD including the creator Gerald Appel
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    Forex Myth Solved

    with all due respect you're talking through your hat :)
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    Forex broker with high leverage in india

    could you tell me why you want high leverage?
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    Are all ECN the real ECNs?

    Hahaha hehehehe ... you're a funny guy :thumb:
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    Demand and Supply zone trading

    Quite understandable Dax Devil however it is common for newbies to feel offended when valid external inputs are given. This is a common reaction & tell tale sign of neophyte traders ....but hopefully they change as they mature from wanabe trader to profitable trader. Its best just to nod...
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    1 Lakh to 4.5 Crore in 5 Months..Possible?

    No wonder 90/90/90
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    Demand and Supply zone trading

    As there is no "OP" (as I was told) I am providing the link for the Sam Seiden webinar's its great to see guys learning but I believe you will get the best benefit if you also learn or listen to what the person who popularized the method has to say. You can see an entire list of his webinars...
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    Demand and Supply zone trading

    I think it would have been appropriate for the thread OP to have disclosed the origin of this methodology for the benefit of others. This is basically Sam Seiden's trading method .... you can find the complete methodology in free video seminars Sam Seiden has done for There he...
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    Predict the market

    This was actually a reply I typed to a thread about USDINR which was basically an opinion of what a trader thinks the market will do where he gave his analysis and asks for an opinion. But I thought rather than mention the post and get into a squabble with some member who will tell me how many...
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    Which size lot should should be opened on USDINR?

    Which exchange are you trading on? .. I think you if you are holding overnight you can buy 2 lots .... see zerodha claculator ---> Honestly I feel much better you go shopping and have a nice lunch with the Rs5000/- Reasons being...
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    My demo trading (Path to success )

    By now he must have become demo millionaire
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    Need trigger price more than stop loss

    What does this order have to do with retail investor earning from the market?
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    Technical Analysis - Practice trades

    imho there is zero chance of success with this methodology. Lines criss-crossing, shooting stars and flying saucers are unproven methods and have no credible long term performance records, other than in books which give some small sample results. Moreover trading the markets is hard enough but...
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    anyone trades usdinr here ?

    You can read the book "Bird Watching in Lion Country" (but make sure you get 2010 edition) by Dirk Tu Totit ...... this would give you some basics of what you're getting in to. Some people like it, some people hate it (mostly because of his sales pitch), but he tells you the reality of the...