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    Post all your stock queries here.

    I am holding ITC Dec F bot @193/10. Please advise whether it can move up Monday or coming wek. If not, what should be my strategy to book minimum profit or exit with minimum loss. I presume it has resistance @190-194-199 and support @185-181-175. Please confirm your views and suggest a way out.
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    NIFTY Futures Mechanical Trading

    ITC F bot @193/10. Expecting target of 199+ in the coming sessions. Please advise whether I can wait for the target or to exit.
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    Post all your stock queries here.

    thank u shyam. Since it is a long term investment we need not worry on short term correction. Hope, decent appreciation can be obtained over a period of time say.,6 months or one year. Let us hope for the best. thank u once again.
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    Post all your stock queries here.

    What would be infosys lowest bottom support at which the rebound is expected. It may be long term investment. Please post your view.
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    **Diwali Greetings**

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    Traders Diary

    Re: Intraday Calls In Cash /futures thank u renu. Since banknifty is at its peak now shall I wait for further highs or short it for your target of 7400/7100. please advise me. thank u in advance.:)
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    Traders Diary

    Re: Intraday Calls In Cash /futures Dear Renu, will u please predict the banknifty's top levels to be achieved. It is observed that it has appreciated 15%. will it go down or up to reach further highs. please advise.
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    yes billoo sir, I do have such idea. please post me your strategy. awaiting your reply. my id:[email protected]
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    What is sub-prime lending?

    Thank u for your detailed write up for sub-prime lending which led to collapse of US economy and world stock markets. Very good work. keep it up. hats off to u.
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    Sure Shot

    hi. devji. ks oil and bhel scrips are intraday or positional trade. Please indicate the time frame, if they are for positional trades. thank u in advance.
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    Future Stocks & Nifty trade level guidance

    Thank u rameshji. Your advice on the index and stock futures trend is much useful to all the members. Please explain the level of rate mentioned against trend. Is it the pivot or cut off rate for that day's trading. It will be useful if the same is explained in detail for the benefit of all...
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    Future Stocks & Nifty trade level guidance

    some corection is predicted @4130-145 level. Let us wait and see the nf move on monday and tuesday. Below 4075 some downward correction is expected
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    Positional/intraday Trading Tips

    Hitesj sir, please add my email also for intraday/positional nifty and stock/option ID:[email protected]
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    Will Nifty undergo a 12%-15% correction?

    Nifty has support @4000. If this level has broken, it finds support @3950. I dont think it will go down beyond this level.
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    Futures Query

    if nifty futures trade to discount to spot, can we presume that futures overbought. Similarly, if nifty futures trade at premium to spot, is it in oversold position. can any senior boarder clarify this?