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    IST: Low risk - High Reward strategy

    I agree absolutely my friend , it is not difficult to get 3 10 pointers a week .. but my question was different . How does one get ' comfortable ' and ride those 10 points to 25 points??
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    IST: Low risk - High Reward strategy

    Re: IST: Add BONUS profit bro, pls teach me this . when and how to get comfortable?? each time 10 pts profit .. regards
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    How to reduce slippage at entry and exit

    hi do not see where the problem is ... as per my understanding of what you have said.. the signal candle is one candle before the actual trade candle. you are tracking only one script.. trade manually for a while .. anticipate... you already have the signal.. regards
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    What really works in professional commodity trading? My Trading Strategies

    kabali sir, refer to the highlighted part in red.. let us take the case of physical mkt.. assuming someone was a shopkeeper or a trader and he buys a product at 100 and cannot sell it off even at hundred.. the price comes to 80 per you , he will buy at 80 again.. why would he do so? he...
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    BNF Scalping

    hi trading bnf for a 20 point gain with a 20 point profit can be difficult.. slippage would depend upon where exactly you have put your sl... even at random numbers , 4-5 points is very common in bnf.. assuming you are putting sl at some important price point.. like round Nos.. (you example...
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    Are Markets Random?

    Okay interesting question. you want to know why/how majority of traders loose money... lets take a hypothetical example.. there are four friends A, B, C, and X. A B and C have 10000/- Rs each. they decide that they will play cards everyday.. their total kitty is 30000/-. X says he does not...
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    Options Doubt

    hi.. position 1 = short future = long put + short call position 2 = short put long put and short put cancel out .so essentially you have a position of short call why unnecessarily give 2 legs commission as well as margin. simply short the 8500 ce. the risk to reward...
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    Options Doubt

    yes deep itm it is .. there is no extrinsic value.. assuming the mkt was to expire here itself.. at 8365.. your loss profit is zero. so you are not getting any gain by time decay. regards
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    Options Doubt

    hi you will not gain anything by time decay in this trade. regards
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    Which has the highest failure perecentage?

    My point simply was that there have been and are some very successful traders in all forms of trading mentioned here, whether it be hft, scalping , short/long term trading.. and many who have failed in all these forms. so one cannot categorize whether one form of trading is better or worse than...
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    Which has the highest failure perecentage?

    Dear Friend.. this is a very interesting question.. highest failure in trading is not caused by the way one trades... long term/short term/ hft/ scalping etc. the only reason for failure in any kind of trading is the individual/trader himself. regards
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    Can Someone develop Bulk Order Utility For ODIN

    Switch to 'odin client' from odin diet. odin client has the facility, though you will have to provide ncfm certification. regards
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    Protective Put Advanced Version: Part 2

    posting past nine months' data. nifty closing on expiry day: 29 jan 15 : 8952.35 26 feb 15 : 8683.85 26 mar15 : 8342.15 30 apr 15 : 8181.5 28 may15 :8319 25 jun15 : 8398 30 jul 15 :8421.8 27 aug 15 :7948.95 24 sep 15 :7868.5 assuming the call put parity.. (atm call price + put price cost...
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    List of strategies which will not give you profits

    Very sweeping statement, my dear Sir. though I am no advocate for any technical indicator.... but difficult for me to understand why orb, sma/ema crossover or support/resistance levels or for that matter buy on previous day high/ sell on previous day low etc.. should be outrightly rejected...
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    General Trading Chat

    hi Kainiteh, ST here is speaking of speculation/trading in futures. while trading futures, one gets leverage. now take the example of commodities, exchange defined margin is around 5% normally. this implies one can put a position 20 times of one's capital. now on a margin of 20 lacks, one can...