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    Amibroker - Get Study (Drawings on chart) Array on Exploration

    Hello, I have drawn few study lines on the chart and want to get its data in Exploration. I am not getting this data when i use the 'Study' function and try to add it in Exploration using 'AddColumn' function. Request help to resolve this. Thanks! Anuma
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    Place orders from Amibroker charts with a click

    Thanks for the response! The reason i was looking for lines on chart because i decide on Entry, SL & Target as i analyze chart, it would be easier to draw lines at the points i want than to note down the numbers. Your approach thought me new things! If its not asking too much, can you please...
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    Sell/Cover vs ApplyStop vs Backtester settings

    Hello, I'm into AFL from past few months, i have a question on exiting positions. As per my understanding we can exit a trade in one of the 3 ways 1) Sell/Cover - We can exit Long/Short positions by coding logic for Sell/Cover. We can use this to exit open positions either at Target or Stop...
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    Place orders from Amibroker charts with a click

    Hello, Is there a way in Amibroker to draw Entry, Stop Loss and Target lines and then with a click of a button place the same order as Cover or Basket order in the trading account? Can someone give an AFL or an idea to make such AFL? Thanks Anuma